General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 38

1. ‘Cricket Ball’ & ‘Oval’ are varieties of ?

Ans. Sapota .

2. CRIDA located at ?

Ans. Hyderabad .

3. CRIDA means?

Ans. Central Research Institute for Dryland Agriculture (Hyderabad).

784. Crimson Glory and Super Star are which type of rose ?

Ans. Hybrid tea.

5. Criollo , Forastero & Trinitario are three varietal types of ?

Ans. Cocoa.

6. Critical stage for irrigation in barley?

Ans. Tillering Stage (30–35 DAS).

7. Crop destructive stages in the life cycle of Beetles are ?

Ans. Adults & Grubs.

8. Crop destructive stages in the life cycle of Bugs are ?

Ans. Adults & Nymphs.

9. Crop distribution throughout the world is largely influenced by ?

Ans. Climate.

0. Crop growing season of dryland farming is ?

Ans. 75 – 120 days.

1. Crop having allelopathic influence by Nut sedge ?

Ans. Maize .

2. Crop Production + livestock raising is called ?

Ans. Mixed farming.

3. Crop production and dairy enterprise having ?

Ans. Supplementary relationship.

4. Crop rotation practiced by the majority of the farmers in a given area or locality is called as ?

Ans. Cropping Pattern.

5. Crop Rotation is an example of ———– method of insect pest control ?

Ans. Cultural.

6. Silk is produced by ——————stage of silkworm ?

Ans. End of larval stage.

7. Crop weather calendar is used for ?

Ans. Finding crop -weather relationship.

8. Crop which is highly susceptible to frost ?

Ans. Potato.

9. Cropped along with wild land weed are known as?

Ans. Facultative weeds.

0. Cropping intensity of India is ?

Ans. 136%.

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