General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 4

1. A demonstration practice used to compare two technologies i.e. old and new ?

Ans. Result demonstration.

2. A diffusive process by which liquid water in the form of vapor is lost in the atmosphere ?

Ans. Evaporation.

3. A disease caused by methyl mercury (MeHg) poisoning of water at Japan in 1956 ?

Ans. Minamata.

4. A disease due to virus in rice ?

Ans. Tungro.

5. A disease that results in the collapse and death of seedlings before or after they emerge from the soil is known as ?

Ans. Damping off.

6. A DNA element which has the ability to move from one chromosomal position to another ?

Ans. Jumping gene.

7. A segments of DNA that encodes for the specific polypeptide chain ?

Ans. Cistron.

8. A drought tolerant vegetable?

Ans. Chekkurmanis.

9. A dwarfing root stock of apple is ?

Ans. M-9.

10. A family consists of husband, wife and their children known as ?

Ans. Nuclear family.

11. A farmer having an area of <1 ha ?

Ans. Marginal farmer.

12. A fertilized ovule consisting of intact embryo, stored food and seed-coat which is viable and has got the capacity to germinate ?

Ans. Seed.

13. A field soil sample weighing 60 g, lost12 g on over dying. What is the moisture percent on dry weight basis ?

Ans. 25%.

14. A figure obtained by dividing the sum of all variable by their total number of variables. ?

Ans. Averages/Arithmetic Mean.

15. A flowering plant with reddish orange flower is ?

Ans. Tithonia speciosa.

16. A fodder grass suitable for intercropping in coconut plantation ?

Ans. Guinea grass.

17. A forest system which promote commercial tree growing by farmers on their own land ?

Ans. Farm Forestry.

18. A fruit crop producing the highest tonnage per unit area is ?

Ans. Pineapple.

19. A fruit juice normally contains 25% juice and 40% TSS ?

Ans. Squash.

20. A fruit or vegetable impregnated with the cane sugar or glucose syrup ?

Ans. Candied fruit or vegetable.

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