General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 40

1. Curculionid biocontrol agent of Salvinia ?

Ans. Cyrtobagous salviniae.

2. Curing practice is done ?

Ans. Tobacco, Tea.

3. Curling of leaf upwards and yellowing of terminal cotton shoots is a characteristics symptom of presence of ?

Ans. Cotton Aphid.

4. Cuscutta is a ?

Ans. Complete stem parasite .

5. CUSCUTTA is otherwise known as ?

Ans. Dodder.

6. CYI’ means ?

Ans. Crop Yield Index.

7. “Cymbidium mosaic” is a disease affecting ?

Ans. Orchids.

8. Cyperus belongs to ?

Ans. Sedges.

9. Cytokinin is mainly synthesized in ?

Ans. Root tips.

10. Daily mean temperature is calculated by finding the average of ?

Ans. Max & Min. Temperature.

11. Dalapon herbicide controls only ?

Ans. Grassy Weeds.

12. Damping off of Brinjal seedlings is due to ?

Ans. Pythium sp.

13. Damping off of chilly seedlings is due to ?

Ans. Pythium sp. 

14. Damping off of tobacco is caused by ?

Ans. Pythium aphanidermaum.

15. Dapog method is most commonly prevalent in ?

Ans. Philippines.

16. Dapog seedling practice is done ?

Ans. Rice seedling.

17. Dark colour of soil is normally associated with ?

Ans. Decomposing Organic Matter.

18. Dasheri is a variety of ?

Ans. Mango.

19. Date of Monsoon withdrawal in India ?

Ans. 31st Sept.

20. Date of onset of Monsoon in India ?

Ans. 1st June.

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