General Agriculture One-liner For Agriculture Competitive Exam- 7

1. An Electric field is applied to cells in order to increase the permeability of the cell membrane, allowing chemical, drugs or DNA to be introduced into the cell ?

Ans. Electropermibilization or Electroporation.

2. A method in which 20 to 30 rural people or farmers are contacted in a group ?

Ans. Group-contact.

3. A method in which desirable scattered favourable genes are selected in different plants in each generation ?

Ans. Recurrent selection.

4. A method of breeding for wheat ?

Ans. Pure line selection method.

5. A method of breeding is appropriate for improvement of good variety. ?

Ans. Back cross method.

6. A method of breeding is not appropriate for cross pollinated crops ?

Ans. Pure line selection.

7. A method of hormone application not generally practiced is ?

Ans. Injection.

8. A method of plant analysis for assessing nutrient requirement in sugarcane is ?

Ans. Crop Logging.

9. A method which is not for handling segregating populations ?

Ans. Bulk method.

10. A modern method of cashew propagation is by ?

Ans. Soft wood grafting.

11. A multi seeded fruit ?

Ans. Tomato, jackfruit, watermelon, Apple.

12. A multinational seed company ?

Ans. Bayer (Monsanto).

13. A multistage sales tax with credit for taxes paid on business purchases. ?

Ans. VAT.

14. A natural hydrological unit having common runoff outlet point ?

Ans. Watershed.

15. A natural organic product which act as an insecticide and carrier ?

Ans. Oil of petroleum.

16. A natural warming process involving the interaction of sunlight and carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere ?

Ans. Green house effect.

17. A non selective herbicide ?

Ans. Glyphosate.

18. A nut with no cholesterol ?

Ans. Nutmeg.

19. A plant with yellow flower is ?

Ans. Allamanda cathartica.

20. A parasite feeding on primary parasite ?

Ans. Secondary.

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