General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-40

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

 #The type of fruit of wheat is Caryopsis 

#The optimum temperature for ideal germination of wheat is 20 to 25 °C

#Norin-10 gene was brought to USA by – S.c. salamone 1984

#The dwarf winter variety of wheat first time developed through using Norin gene by – Dr. O.A.Vogel (USA)

#Triple gene dwarf variety were released in 1970

#Which is double gene dwarf varieties of wheat – HD 2204, Janak, UP 215, Pratap, Kalyansona, Arjun, Sonara 64

#Single gene dwarf varieties are – Sonalika , Girija, UP-262 ,Wl 711,Lerma Rojo 64A 

#The protein found in wheat floor which is helpful for chapati making – Gluten

#Central Zig – Zag axis of wheat is called –Rachis

#Mexican dwarf wheat was evolved by – Dr. N. E. Borlaug

#The toxic alkaloid found in the leaves of sorghum crops is – Dhurin or HCN

#CSH 1 was released as first dwarf sorghum hybrid in 1964

#Which crop is known as camel crops – Sorghum

#Native of jower is Africa (Ethiopia & Sudan)

#The maximum area & Production of jowar is in Maharashtra

#Jower is poor in lysine but rich in – Leucine

#The inflorescence of jower is called – Panicle

#First hybrid variety of bajara is HB-1 (1965) developed at PAU, Ludhiana

#Protein content in Bajra is 11-12 %

#Origin of bajra is Africa

#Bajra is sensitive to – water logging and Acidic soil

#The largest producer state of cotton in India is –Gujara

#Bad opening of balls is known as – Tirak

#In cotton , the maturity of fibre is judged by – Arealometer

#H-777 is the cultivar of cotton

#Hybrid -4 is the first commercial cotton of the world developed by – Dr.C.T. Patel in 1970

#The leaves of cotton becomes radish in colour due to decrease nutrient uptake and moisture .

#Origin of cotton is from – India

#Cotton belongs to- malvaceae

#Intra – Specific hybrid of cotton is –Hybrid -6, savita, surya.

#Interspecific hybrid of cotton is – Varalaxmi , DCH-32 , HB -224 etc.

#One seed of cotton has 60000-80000 fibres

#Ginning %= wt. of lint / wt. of seed cotton taken for ginning * 100

#The removal of lower leaves which come in contact with soil and lose their commercial value is known as priming process.

#Priming method is used in – Cigarette and wrapper tobacco

#The main aim of topping and Desuckering is – to divert the energy and nutrient of plant from flower to leaves.

#The removal of the lateral branches or suckers or auxiliary buds is called – desuckring .

#Central tobacco research institute is situated at – Raja – h – Mundri, AP (1947)

#The richest source of protein among the food grain is – Pulses

#Head quarter of directorate of pulses research is located in – Kanpur UP

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