General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-44

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

#Azotobacter is used for – Rice , cotton , s.cane

#Azospirillum bio fertilizer used for Sorghum

#The cytoplasm and nucleus combinedly called – protoplasm

#Cell theory was proposed by M.J. Schleden and Theodo Schwann

#The term Lysosomes was first used by Dave in 1955

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#The main function of Golgi bodies are – packaging of food materials such as protein , lipids etc.

#The function of ribosomes are – protein synthesis

#The term mitochondria was given by – C Benda (1897)

#The simple microscope was invented by – Galileo (1610)

#The shortest phase of all mitosis phase is – Anaphase

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#Meiotic division is also known as reducetional division

#The term mitosis was coined by Fleming (1882)

#Mitosis occurs in Somatic cells

#Segregation occurs during meiosis

#The longest mitotic phase is –Prophase

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#Absorption Spectrum of photosynthesis is blue and red

#Action Spectrum of photosynthesis is red and blue 

#Dark reaction was discovered by Blackman

#Dark reaction is also known as – Blackman reaction or C3 – cycle

#The main site for dark reaction of photosynthesis is – stroma

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#The evaporation of water from plants is called – transpiration

#Evaporation from soil and transpiration combined are called ET

#C4 Plants proposed by Hatch and slack (1970)

#The darkk reaction process of photosynthesis has been named variously – Calvin cycle or Blackman reaction

#Light reaction is also known as Hill reaction

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#In photosynthesis , the solar energy converts into – Chemical energy

#The OSMOSIS term was given by – Abble Nollet (1748)

#The term “diffusion pressure deficit “ was introduced by – Meyer in 1938

#The term Imbibition was coined by – Sachs

#Imbibition Pressure is also known as – Matric Potential

#Root pressure word was coined by- Stephan Hales

#Father of Physiology – Stephan Hales

#Soil les cultivation of plants is known as Hydroponics

#Rate of transpiration is determined by – Potometer

#The loss of sap (water) from the injured parts of plants is called – Bleeding

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#Approximately 90% of the world photosynthesis is carried out by – Marine and fresh water algae

#Net production of ATP in Glycolysis is 2

#Growth rate is measured by Auxanometer & Cresco graph

#Photoperiodism term was coined by –TD Lysenko (1920)

#Apical Bud dominance is caused by which hormone – Auxin

#Which hormones is used as a herbicide=auxin

#Which hormone is related to drought tolerance- absicic acid (ABA)

#Dormancy break by which hormone – Cytokinis

#Stress hardening in plants can be active by which hormone ABA

#Fruit ripening hormone is – ethylene

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#The term auxin was used by – Frits went (Holland) 1905

#Want’s auxin is now known as – Indole -3-acetic acid (IAA)

#Which hormones are the Auxin – IAA, IBA, NAA , 2-4-D,2,4,5-T’ MCPA ,IPA TIBA etc

#Shedding of plant parts is due to- ABA hormones

#Cycocel (CCC) is a growth retardant

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