General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-51

General Agriculture

#Wheat is a C3 plant

#The plant parasite nematode was first time reported by –Kanche

#Mean ,Median and Mode is equal in – Normal distribution

#The inflorescence of jowar is called – Panicle

#Gromer , SCU and CDU are the – Slow release fertilizers

(General Agriculture)

#Low of tolerance was introduced by – SHELFORD

#End product of glycolysis is – Pyruvate

#define lithophytes – The plant grown is rock cervices are called lithophytes

#During glycolysis , the Net gain of ATP is – 2

#Phosphorus is extracted by – Olsen method

(General Agriculture)

#The correlation between price and demand of a commodity is –negative

#The limit of partial correlation coefficient is – -1 to +1

#For reclamation of saline and Alkaline soils used are – Gypsum and Pyrite

#The term ecosystem was coined by – A.G.Tansley (1935)

#What is parthenocarpy – The development of fruit without fertilization

(General Agriculture)

#The development of embryo without fertilization is called – Apomixes

#Relative humidity is measured by- Pshychrometer

#Father of Indian pale botany is – Birbal sahni

#The weed used for ornamental purpose is- Lantana Camaera

#The core component of chlorophyll is – Mg

(General Agriculture)

#The soybean is sown at the depth of – 3 cm

#The most prominent soil of India is – Alluvial soil

#Chaisma is seen during – Diplotene sub – Phase

#The current method used for control of bollworm in cotton is – Bt. transgenic cotton produced

#Photo- Respiration occurs in – Chloroplast

(General Agriculture)

#Water use efficiency is highest in which plants – CAM Plants

#Chromosomal theory of inheritance was proposed by- Sutton & Boveri

#The price fixed by govt. is called – minimum support price

#The present farming system of India has become – Market oriented 

#Which chemical is mostly used for breaking tuber dormancy in potato -thiourea

(General Agriculture)

#The term water harvesting was first time used by – Mayers

The first commercial hybrid cotton of the world is – Hybrid -4

#International Day for biological diversity – 22 May 

#Measuring of heights one by – Clinometer

#The number of electrons for convertion of No3 to NH4-16

(General Agriculture)

#Bangalore is also known as Garden city

#origin of potato is from – Peru (S. America)

#Dormancy breaking hormone is – cytokinin

#the element involved in energy transfer and storage in plants is – Phosphorus

#Fruit ripening hormone is – Ethylene

(General Agriculture)

#which is the antidote of insect poisoning -Atropine

#Minimum support price is formulated by- CACP(total 28 crops)

#Luxury consumption or maximum uptake nutrient is- K

#Crop canopy temperature is measured by – Infra red thermometer

#Secondary Plant nutrients are- Ca, Mg, & S

(General Agriculture)

#hulling %age in rice is – 65 %

#Which method of s.cane sowing prevents the lodging – Trench method

#Inflorescence of sugarcane is called – Arrow

#Shedding of plants part is due to – ABA hormone

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