General Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam-53

 Agriculture One Liner

#DRIS concept given by –Beaufils

#The term ‘remote sensing ’ was first used in – USA

#Acidity in gram leaves is due to – Malic acid / oxalic acid

#Photosynthetic rate is highest in c4 plant

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#Lock and Key Model was proposed by – Fisher

#Anti – Sterility vitamin is – Vitamin E

#Double seed formation in cotton is due to – Pink bollworm

#Forest conservation act was made in – 1980

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#Netural parthenocarpy is found in – Banana 

#the term vernalization was coined by – TD Lysenco

#Chemical relationship is done between two cells by-Plasmodesmata

#White revolution was accomplished by which scientist – V. Kurien

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#How much time is needed for sterilization in autoclave – 15 minutes

#In which bacterial reproduction phase , virus is involved –Transduction

#First plant flower mandi was situated at- BANGLORE

#Regional Plant resource centre is situated at – Bhubaneswar

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#Cultivation of crops in areas where the annual rainfall is less than 750 mm is called- Dry Farming

#Central soil salinity research institute is situated at –Karnal ( HR)

#What is the ideal location of greenhouse- North – South

#According to ICMR vegetable required per capita per day is – 300 gram

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#Biggest tree of the world is – Baniyan tree

#Kisan call cente begun in the year 2004

#Net cultivated area of India is – 143

#Kisan divas is celebrated on 23 Dec.

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#The share of agriculture in global warming is – Approx. 25 %

#Environment day is celebrated on – 5 th June

#Which element is responsible for nodulation in legumes – Phosphorous

#Fingerprinting is related to which crop – Pineapple

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#yellow vein mosaic virus disease is related to Bhindi

#Which clay Mineral is dominant in Black soil- Montmorillonite 

#Sprouting in onion is controlled by the hormone of –MH

#Which chemical/ hormone is used for regular bearing in mango- Paclo butrozol (PP333)

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#High yielding variety of wheat was developed by -Borlaug

#break down of clods , crusts and plant material by the impact of particles moved by wind in saltation is called as – Abrasion

#A soil with a pH value less than 7 hence having more hydrogen ions than hydroxyl ions in the soil solution is called as – Acid Soil

#The movement of ions and water into the plant root because of metabolic processes by the root, frequently against an electrochemical potential gradient is referred to as – Active absorption

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#The chemical in commercial product that is directly responsible for the herbicidal activity is called its – Active ingredient

#the transfer of heat energy my means of horizontal mass motions through a medium is termed as – Advection

#A technique in growing plants where in the plants derive their nutrients and eater from a mist of air and aqueous solution that comes in contact with the roots is called – Aerophonics 

#A term proposed by Mc Gillchrist in 1965 , which is a measure of how much a relative yield increase in component a is greater than for component b is known as -Aggressively

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