General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Examination – 2

1. ——&——are the most common Gastropod pests?

Ans. Slugs & Snails.

2. ——-&——are the substances used for artificial rain simulation?

Ans. Silver iodide & Dry ice.

3. ——&—–are the vectors of yellow vein mosaic disease of Okra?

Ans. White fly & Leaf hopper.

4. ——-&——–are two mechanisms that control the exchange of gases between the soil and the atmosphere?

Ans. Mass flow & Diffusion.

5. ——-&——-are vegetables of Indian origin?

Ans. Brinjal & Snake gourd.

6. (A x B) x (C x D) are ?

Ans. Double cross hybrid .

7. In India the seeds act was enacted in the year ——-by the parliament?

Ans. 1966.

8. Mechanical measures are adopted only where land slope is ?

Ans. >2%.

9. Most dangerous disease of potato?

Ans. Late blight (Phytophthora infestans).

10. National Seed Corporation (NSC) was registered in?

Ans. 1963.

11. Nucleus was discovered by?

Ans. Robert Brown (1983).

12. Pattambi local is a variety of ?

Ans. Horse gram.

13. Preethi is variety of ?

Ans. Bitter gourd.

14. World Food Day is observed on ?

Ans. 16th October 1945.

15. ½ of the inter quartile range is ?

Ans. Quartile deviation.

16. 1 bale of cotton is equal to ?

Ans.170 kg.

17. 1 st Hybrid variety of Pearl millet ?

Ans.HB-1 in 1965.

18. 14 commercial banks were nationalization on ?

Ans.19th July, 1969.

19. 3rd oldest bank in India was established on ?

Ans.1806 bank of calcatta.

20. 1st enzyme which was discovered by yeast ?

Ans. Zymase 1897 (Eduard buchner).

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