General Agriculture One-liner For Competitive Examination

1. Are a class of plant hormones that promote cell division in plant roots and shoots?

Ans. Cytokinin.

2. A hardening structure where in plants root after taken out from the in vitro media?

Ans. Mist chamber.

3. A plant hormone used to promote stem elongation& seed germination?

Ans. Gibberellin.

4. A popular garden fruit tree.?

Ans. Rambuttan.

5. A specialized garden for the cultivation and display of fern ?

Ans. Fernery.

6. An eg. for facultative apomicts?

Ans. Mango, Orange.

7. An agricultural practice of breeding and raising domestic rabbits?

Ans. Cuniculture.

8. An ancient Chinese art of growing trees and plants kept small similar to Bonsai ?

Ans. Penjing.

9. An art of creating miniature landscapes?

Ans. Saikei.

10. An art of growing trees or woody plants shaped as trees in containers ?

Ans. Bonsai.

11. Is the most commonly used medium in plant tissue culture experiments?

Ans. Murashige & Skoog medium.

12. Is the process of subjecting seeds to both cold and moist conditions to promote germination?

Ans. Stratification.

13. Is the second most expensive spice after saffron?

Ans. Vanilla.

14. Is the world’s leading exporter of flowers?

Ans. Netherlands.

15. % of moisture is ideal for certified seeds of Rice?

Ans. 13%.

16. ——–& ———–are gastropod pests of Orchid & Anthurium?

Ans. Slugs & Snails.

17. ——-&——-are cucurbits used for treatment of Diabetis ?

Ans. Bitter gourd & Coccinia.

18. ——–&——-are main components of cattle feed stuffs ?

Ans. Concentrates & Roughages.

19. ———-&——-are structures used to harden plants in a agricultural nursery ?

Ans. Greenhouses & Mist chambers.

20. The Optimum spacing for wheat is—————–?

Ans. 22.5 cm (line to line).

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