General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 13

General Agriculture Oneliner

1. Kerbs cycle produce – 30 ATP

2. Soil PH increased in the season of – WINTER

3. Pinjore garden is the type of Garden – FORMAL STYLE GARDEN

4. Potato variety which is extra early – KUFRI ASHOKA

5. First stable compound in calvin/C3 cycle – C3 COMPOND (3-phosphoglyceric acid)

6. The fruit required heavy pruning – BER

7. KCC scheme was launched in – 1998-1999

8. Chemical is used for de greening of fruit – ETHYLENE

9. Commonly used refrainment in an ice plant – NH3

10. Gestation period of GOAT is – 148 to 152 DAYS

11. Inflorescence of cashew is – PANICLE

12. Cashew kernels lack in – COLESTEROL

13. Akiochi disease is due to – Sulphur toxicity

14. Steam rot of rice is caused by – SCLEROTIUM ORYZAE

15. Sugarcane rust is caused by – PUCCINIA ERIATHI

16. Loose smut of wheat is – INTERNALLY SEED BORN

17. Ooze test is done to detect for – BACTERIA

18. Pest which attacks all part of plant is – TERMITE

19. Site of protein synthesis in a cell – RIBOSOME

20. Silver fish belong to the order of – THYSANURA

21. Optimum moisture content for wheat storage is – 12%

22. Initiation of milk secretion is called – LACTO GENESIS

23. Insecticide Act was passed in – 1968

24. Sand drawn disease of tobacco is due to deficiency of – Mg


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