General Agriculture Oneliner for Competitive Exam – 5

Agriculture Oneliner

✅Who is the father of plant pathology?

Ans. Heinrich Anton de Bary

✅Which method used for producing Virus free plant?

Ans. Meristem culture

✅bacteria leaf blight of rice caused by?

Ans. Xanthomonas oryzae

✅Loose smut of wheat is?

Ans. Internally seed borne

✅ Sugarcane rust is caused by?

Ans. Puccinia eriathi

✅ Tungro disease of rice is spread by?

Ans. Nephotettix virescens

✅ Red rot of sugarcane is caused by?

Ans. Collectorichum falcatum

✅Disease also known as “Killer Disease of Wheat” is?

Ans. Black/ Stem rust

✅White rust of crucifers is caused by?

Ans. Albugo candida

✅Leaf blight of cotton is caused by?

Ans. Alternaria macrospora

✅ Phyllody disease of Sesame spread by?

Ans. Leaf hopper

✅Which is major storage fungi that affects on food grain?

Ans. Aspergillus

✅Buck eye rot is disease of which crop?

Ans. Tomato

✅Fungi which can grow only on living host plant are called?

Ans. Obligate parasite

✅Association of fungi with root of higher plants is known as?

Ans. Mycorrhiza.

✅Which is primary source of infection green ear disease of Bajra?

Ans. Soil and seed

✅Which rice disease responsible for Bengal famine in 1943?

Ans. Brown leaf spot

✅Viruses which are capable to infecting bacteria are called?

Ans. Bacterio-phage

✅ ODAP is nuero toxin which secreted by?
Ans. Lythrus.

✅ Parbhat is an early variety of?
Ans. Arahar.

✅ Shelling percentage of pea?
Ans. 49%

✅ ICPH-8 is a variety of?
Ans. Arahar.

✅Royal commission on Agriculture was come in?
Ans. 1929

✅Shifting cultivation is mostly practiced in ?
Ans. Jharkhand ,MP, Hilly areas .

✅ Cropping system ?
Ans. Location specific .

✅Cropping intensity in mono culture system?
Ans. 100%.

✅.Examples of Allopathy is?
Ans. Sorghum , Sunflower ,Peach ,cucumber, Walnut, & Eucalyptus.

Allopathy is harmful effect of one crop on another crop/plant. Infect Annidation is?
Ans. Benificial effect.

✅ “Idcotypel” term are given by?
Ans. Donald in 1968.

Agro climatic zone in India is fifteen(15) according to planning commission in India. So Agro climatic Zone in India initiated in the year of?
Ans. 1988.

✅ Parameter of rainfall for dry farming & dry land farming & rainfed farming respectively is?
Ans. <750 , 750-1150 , >1150.

✅ Dry spell & Prolonged is an important constraint (problem) of?
Ans. Dry Farming.

Drought is declared when rainfall is occurring how much percentage of normal rainfall in a year of their particular area?
Ans. 75% (if 50% is severe drought)

✅ Agriculture drought is relevant to?
Ans. Soil moisture which not sufficient PET (Plant Evapotranspiration).

✅ Example of stomata closing type?
Ans. PMA, Atrazine (low concentration) & ABA.

✅ How much space is required for egg poultry is?

Ans. 2sq.ft

✅ Starter feed contains maximum of?

Ans. Protein

✅ Most dangerous disease of chicken is?

Ans. Ranikhet

✅ Which disease spread through virus in cattle is?

Ans. Foot and Mouth disease

✅ Anthrax is caused by ?

Ans. Bacteria

✅ Severe bloat is removed by tools?

Ans. Trocar cannula

✅ Which is the best method of milking?

Ans. Full hand method

✅ What is the boiling point of milk (in Celsius) is?

Ans. >100

✅ milk is converted into dahi is due to ?

Ans. lactobacillus

✅ Which hormone helps in let down of milk?

Ans. Oxytocin

✅ Milk sugar is also known by the name of?

Ans. Lactose

✅ What is the percentage of water in buffalo milk is?

Ans. 83 %

✅ dual purpose breed of cow was?

Ans. kankrej

✅ Specific gravity of milk is measured by?

Ans. Lactometer

✅ What is the maximum fat percent in ghee is?

Ans. 99%

✅ bikaneri is the breed of ?

Ans. sheep

✅Anthrax is also called as ?

Ans.  splenic fever

✅ which state has largest number of poultry ?

Ans. Andhra Pradesh

✅ state which is first in egg production ?

Ans. Tamil Nadu

✅ castration in pig is done at the age of -?

Ans.  4-6 weeks


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