General Agriculture Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 2

1. Which state has highest cropping intensity in India – Haryana

2. Recently which state launches 15online services of fisheries and animal resource Odisha

3. Simon cotton heater used for purpose – Kill pink bollworm larvae

4. What is the PF value at wilting point – 4.20

5. Pepo is the fruit of which of the following fruits – Watermelon

6. Seed rate of Corchous olitorious – 6-8kg/ha

7. Which among the following vegetable is rich in iodine – Bhindi

8. Which pheromone that produce immediate change in behaviour of recipient – Releaser pheromone

9. Carbon content in organic matter – 58%

10. Forest conservation act was enacted in the year – 1980

11. Ozone depletion is mainly due to – CFC (chloro floro carbon)

12. Most poisonous pollutant in water is – Arsenic

13. Largest ocean – Pacific

14. Establishment of – NABARD 12 July 1982

15. Maximum conservation of ozone is found in- Lower stratosphere

16. Proteins are made up from chain of – Amino acid

17. Gases responsible for acid rain – SO2 and NO2

18. Rainy day refers to Rainfall of  – 2.5mm or more in 24hrs

19. Which cloud known as rainy cloud – Cumulonimbus

20. The fruit products order (1956) order lays down mandatory standards for – Processed fruits

21. What is the height troposphere- 0-16 km

22. Ranching is common practice in – Australia

23. The system of soil less culture is known as  -Hydroponics

24. Fossils are studied under the branch of  – Palaeontology

25. The secretary of DARE is  – Directore general ICAR


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