General Agriculture Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 3

1. In cotton the term square means – APPEARNACE OF FLOWER BUD

2. The crop grown for grain green manure and fodder is – COWPEA

3. End point of ketch up judged by – ABSENCE OF FREE-FLOWING WATER

4. Plant quarantine method is useful only when pathogen is – SEED TRANSMITITTED

5. Soil water which moves mostly in vapour form is – HYGROSCOPIC WATER

6. Edible banana fruit is seedless because of- VEGETATIVE PARTHENOCARPY

7. In additive series of intercropping base crop population- SAME AS PURE CROP

8. Market in which durable commodities are traded and it is of permanent nature – SECULAR MARKET

9. The character which is expressed in one sex only is known as – SEX LIMITED CHARACTER

10. Covering of spawned compost with suitable material is called – CASING

11. Foot rot diseases is caused by – FUSARIUM MANILIFORME

12. Podzolisation is a process of accumulation in soil – SILICA

13. Polyvalent tissue culture vaccine is given to cattles for preventing – FMD

14. Umran variety of ber is originated in which of state – RAJASTHAN

15. Off season tillage means – WINTER TILLAGE

16. Seed coat peroxidase test is used for-  SOYABEAN

17. E-chaupal established by – ITC

18. Indian parliament passed the – MNREGA ACT on 23 AUGUST 2005

19. Largest exported organic product in – INDIAN OIL SEEDS

20. Blue colour tag is issued for – CERTIFIED SEED

21. Penicillin act on – CELL WALL

22. Cgenocytic mycelium is found in-  ASCOMYCOTINA

23. Parthenocarpy occurs in – JACKFRUIT

24. Alternate host of bajra rust is – BRINJAL

25. Non selective herbicide – PARAQUAT


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