General Horticulture One Liner For Competitive exam-2

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General Horticulture One Liner

● Causes of colour development in fruits, vegetables & others—

#Liquidification in Bael—due to Marmelosin

#Red colour in Tomato (fruits)—due to Lycopin

#Yellow colour in Onion—due to Quercetin

#Yellow colour (yellowishness) in Turmeric— due to Curcumin

#Orange colour in Carrot—due to Carotin

#Red colour in Carrot—due to Andhocyanin

#Red colour of Chilli—due to Capsanthin

#Green (skin) colour in Potato—due to Solanin

#Yellow colour in Papaya—due to Caricaxanthin

#Pigment Yellow colour in oil of oilseeds—due to AlylIso-thiocyanate-a carotinized compound and sometimes greenish colour—due to chlorophyll.

● ‘Father of Fruits’ and Vegetables Preservation—M.Nicolus Apart.

● Fruits Growing States of India—

Temperate Fruits—J & K, Kangada Valley (Punjab), Nahan (Himachal Pradesh) and Kumaon Hills (Uttaranchal)

Tropical Fruits—Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala.

Subtropical Fruits—Plains of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, North Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Assam.

● Growth Regulators for Fruits & Vegetables Growth Promoters—Cytokinins, Z.R., DHZR, Indole Acetic Acid (IAA), wherein Auxins; Gibberellins and Cytokinins are present.

* Auxins :

(i) Natural—IBA (Indole Butyric Acid), I.A.A. (Indole Acetic Acid)

(ii) Synthesised—2,4–D, 2, 4, 5–T, MCPA etc. for promoting plant growth.

* Gibberellins : GA (Gibberellic Acid— GA1, GA2, GA3, GA4, GA5) for increasing the growth of dwarf plants.

* Cytokinins : (i) Natural–Zietin, (ii) Synthesised—Benzoil Adinin (BA) —Association in growth of plants.

Growth Inhibitors—That checks (Control) the growth of plants, e.g. Abscisic Acid, (ABA), Phenoles, Malic Hydrozoide ( MH), ‘CCC’ (Cycocel), B–9, Phosphon–D etc. These (growth retardents) redard the plant growth.

● For controlling fruit droppings—NAA (Napthelin Acetic Acid or Planofix); 2, 4-D; 2, 4, 5–T—use @ 10 ppm.

● Climacteric Fruits—These are mango, papaya and banana

whereas, the non-climacteric fruits are grape, mandarin and orange.

● Hybrid Varieties [Hybrid cross O → (male) × × × × O + (female)]—

(A) Fruit—

#Mango—Mallika (Neelum O → × Dashahari O + ), Amrapali (Dashahari × Neelum),

Ratna* (Neelum × Alphonso)

Sindhu* (Ratna × Alphonso)

Neeleshwari* (Neelum × Dashahari)

Manjira (Romani × Neelum)

CISH M-1 (Amrapali × Janardan Pasand)

Arka Anmol( Alphonso × Janardan Pasand)

Arka Puneet (Alphonso × Banganpalli)

Arka Neelkiran (Neelum × Alphonso)

Arka Aruna (Banganpalli × Alphonso)

Neelphonso* (Neelum × Dashahari)

Neeleshara* (Neelum × Baneshan)

Mango Hybrid 1084 (Amrapali × Janardan Pasand)

Hybrid 39 (Amrapali × Vanaraj)

Hybrid Pusa Arnima (Amrapali × Sensation)

Hybrid Arunika (Amrapali × Vanraj }

Sindhu— a seedless mango fruit, developed from Regional Fruit Research Station Vengurla of Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth Dapoli, Maha. and Ratna developed in 1981 from same centre

 Neeleshwari, Neelphonso and Neeleshan, developed at Fruit Research Station, Paria (Gujarat)

Off season Mango—Rumani variety.

#Guava—Hybrid-1 (Allahabadi Safeda × Seedless)

Hybrid–45 [Allahabadi Safeda × Sardar (Lucknow 49)]

Hybrid-16-1 (Apple colour × Allahabadi Safeda).

CISH-G-1—Deep red fruit, high TSS content (15° Brix) & long shelf-life.

#Apple—Red Ambri (Red Delicious × Ambri)

Ambrich (Rick-a-red × Ambri)

Shanburry (Ambri × Golden Delicious).

#Citrus—Limquat (Cumquat × Best Indian Lime

#Kinno Orange (King Orange × Willowleaf Mandarin).

#Grape—Arka Shweta (Anab-e-shahi × Thompson Seedless)

#Arka Majesty (Angular Kalan × Black Champa)

Pusa Urvashi (Har × Beauty seedless)

Pusa Navarang (Madelin Ignovine × Ruby Red).

#Sapota—Hybrid Co-1 (Cricket Ball × Oval)

#Banana Hybrid NPH-02-01 (cross between H-201 × Anaikomban)-registant to fusarium wiet race 1.

Ber-Hybrid Thar Sevika (Seb × Katha)-high TSS (22%) sugar & protein rich.

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