General Horticulture One Liner For Competitive exam-1

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General Horticulture One Liner

● India’s rank (position) in world— India ranks-II (13%) in vegetable production (after China) in the world.

#India ranks II in fruit production (10%) in the world.

#India is the largest producer country of turmeric (76%) and ginger (65%), of the world production.

#India has 18% share in world trade of spices.

#India is the largest producer, consumer, & exporter of cashew in the world, producing 40% of the world production. (General Horticulture One Liner)

#India has ‘first’ rank in the world in production of mango, coconut, cashew, spices, tea, banana and cauliflower.

#India has ‘second’ place in fruit production in the world, in vegetable production—Onion-II & Cabbage III rank.

#Venezuela country has the highest productivity of mango in the world.

#India has ‘4th’ rank in potato area ‘3rd’ in production (China I & Russian Union II) and 10th place in potato productivity (per hectare yield) in world. General Horticulture One Liner)

Causes of Pungency in Fruits, Vegetables & Others—Bitterness in Aonla (fruits)—due to Polyphenole, Galic Acid, Ilogic Acid & Tenin.

#Pungency in Chillies (fruits)—due to Capsaicin alkaloid.

#Bitterness in Badam—due to Imailedin

#Bitterness in Pepper—due to Marmelosin

#Odour in Pepper—due to Oleriosin

(General Horticulture One Liner)

Content/compound in Neem—

* Neem bark & root (On extraction)—Nimbin

* Neem leaf—Nimbin, Nimbinene, Nimbandial and Quercetin

* Neem flower—Sterols, Thiomyl alcohol, Benzyl alcohol, Benzyl acetate and essential oil.

* Neem Kernel/Seed/Fruit—Nimcidin, Azadirachtin compound (All 5 Neem plant parts—root, bark, leaf, flower & seed (fruit/Niboli) have medicinal value)

#Pungency (Smell/Special odour) in Onion— due to Allyle Propyl di-sulphide

#Pungency (smell) in uninjured garlic—due to Allinase, Amino Acid, that on crushing, it changes into Allicin.

#Pungency in Crushed garlic—Allycin Special

#Odour in fresh/raw garlic—due to Allyle Radical di-sulphide.

#Bitterness in Bittergourd—Memordicoside, Tetra tri-terpine.

#Acridity/Bitterness in Arbi (Arum/Colocasia) —due to calcium-oxalate

#Acidic Taste in Gram leaves—due to Tenin

#Pungency in Toria Oil—due to Allyl Isothiocynate.

#Pungency in Mustard oil—due to Glycoside singrin (C10H6O9NS2K)

#Rancidity in Sunflower oil—due to oxidation.

#Paralysis/Reumatism in use of Lathyrus—due Neurotoxin or Lathrogen Alkaloid, or BOAA(Beta-Oxalyl-di-Amino α-Alanine), a Neurotoxil compound.

(General Horticulture One Liner)

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