General Horticulture One Liner For Competitive exam-4

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Important Research Achievements

(i) Fruits—

Mango—Mango ‘National fruit’/or also called a ‘Bathroom Fruit’ :

Rejuvenation Technology has been developed to come rebearing/fruiting condition of old (40 years and above) and non-bearing mango trees.

IIHR, Bangalore has developed a good mango variety ‘Arka Puneet’.

Guava—For commercial production, ‘Lalit’ variety of guava has been developed from CISH, Lucknow, which has solid pink flesh, outerskin saffron-yellow colour and redish attractive medium fruits.

Two other hybrids namely; H-21 (Red flesh) and H-136 (more TSS) have also been released.

HAPSI–35 & HAPSI–46 (both suitable for nectar making) and HAPSI–16 (Vitamins can safe for longer period). (General Horticulture One Liner)

Citrus Group—It has made a success for controlling bacterial canker through

(i) Pruning in lemon and

(ii) 3-4 foliar sprayings at one month interval of Streptocycline (100 ppm) + Copper Oxychloride (0·3%) solution.

Papaya—Hybrid ‘Surya’, having medium sized fruits, weighing 600-800 gm, red flesh, high TSS (14° brix), has been identified.

Pineapple—In Barani areas, pineapple plantings be done at a spacing to achieve 44,444 plants per hectare.

Aonla—Lakshmi-52-selection, Pratapgarh, U.P., 2–2·5 q/tree fruit yield (10 yers onwards) (General Horticulture One Liner)

(ii) Vegetables—

Some of the varieties of crops, like—watermelon– ‘MHW–6’ Tomato–‘Sun 496’ and Bottlegourd–BPOG–1 from Pantnagar have been identified.

Hybrids from IIHR Bangalore, developed —

Lobia–‘Arka Samradhi’,

Tomato–‘Arka Abhijeet’ and ‘Arka Abha’;

Frenchbean– ‘Arka Subidha’ and ‘Arka Bold’;

Red Chaulai–‘Arka Arudima’;

Palak–‘Arka Anupama’

Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Chipsona–1 & 2, Kufri Giriraj and Kufri Anand of Potato varieties were released.

For Indian Potato, ‘DNA’ based finger printing techniques have been developed.

Intercropping of ‘potato + garlic’ is found useful to control late blight and tuber rot diseases. (General Horticulture One Liner)

A justified success has been made in development of Bio-low grade plastic based from starch of cassava and recommended/ affiliated completely by the ICAR and NRDC.  This technology has been transfered in the country, which is Europe patented.

The variety of Sweet potato—‘Shree bhadra’ is found suitable as ‘trap crop’ in controlling root-knot nematodes.

Some of the varieties, like-‘Arka Anamika’ and ‘Arka Abhay’ of Lady’s finger (Okra) and ‘Arka Neel Kant’ and ‘Arka Keshav’ of brinjal from IIHR have been developed.(General Horticulture One Liner)

(iii) Flowers

The varieties of gladiolus (Gladiolus spp.), like—‘Shagun’ and ‘Shran-garika’ have been developed.

Guldavdi (Chrysanthemum Spp.) variety ‘Diana’ is a small flower type. For carnation, hybrid of marigold namely— ‘Pusa hybrid–1’ has been developed.

(iv) Medicinal

The new varieties of Isabgol—Mandsaur-1 (M-1) and Pamarosa—CI-80-68 have been found good.

(General Horticulture One Liner)

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