Genetics One Liner For Competitive exam-1

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Genetics One Liner


Quest.The study of the way in which genes operate and the way in which they are transmitted(heredity) from parents to offsprings

Quest.Who coined the term genetics?
Ans.W. Bateson (1905)

Quest.The ‘father of modern genetics’
Ans. Gregor John Mendal

Quest.Which is known as functional unit of life?

Quest.Who discovered the cell?
Ans.R. Hooke (1665)(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Cell theory was given by
Ans.M.J. Schleiden and T.Schwann (1939)

Quest.Which is known as physical basis of life?

Quest.How many kind of cells are found in living world?
Ans.2 (Eukaryote and Prokaryote)

Quest.The plant cell is a type of cell

Quest.Which cell organelle is found in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
Ans.Ribosome(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.The cells without cell wall

Quest.Controlling centre of cell

Quest.Nucleus was discovered by
Ans.Robert Brown (1983)

Quest.Which cell organelle is called as “Power house of the cell”?

Quest.Who discovered mitochondria?
Ans.Hollicker(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Who coined the term mitochondria?
Ans.Benda (1897)

Quest.The term ‘Endoplasmic reticulum’ coined by
Ans.Porter (1948)

Quest.Which organelle of cell is known as engine of cell?

Quest.Rough ER is associated with

Quest.The main site of protein synthesis
Ans.Ribosome(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.70s type ribosome is found in

Quest.Name the prokaryotic organism which does not contain mitochondria?

Quest.The term Lysosome was 1st used by
Ans.Dave (1955)

Quest.Which organelle of cell is known as suicidal bag of cell?

Quest.The main function of Golgi body is
Ans.Packing and transport of food materials(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Which organelle of cell is known as dustbin of cell?

Quest.Which organelle of cell is non living?
Ans.Cell wall

Quest.The material contained in vacuoles
Ans.Cell sap

Quest.A self replicating, extra-chromosomal genetic material found in plant cell

Quest.Plastids was introduced by
Ans.Lederberg(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Which organelles of cell are found only in plants?
Ans.Plastids, Spherosome

Quest.Which plastid of cell is responsible for photosynthesis in plants?

Quest.Which plastid of cell is responsible for colour in plants?

Quest.Which plastid of cell is responsible for storage of starch and fat in plants?

Quest.Name the leucoplast which functions as the storage of oil?
Ans.Lipoplast(Genetics One Liner)

Quest.Thread like bodies that carry gene

Quest.Who firstly discovered chromosome?
Ans.Strasburger (1875)

Quest.Who coined the term chromosome?
Ans.Waldeyer (1888)

Quest.Who gave the chromosomal theory of Inheritance?
Ans.Sutton and Boveri

Quest.What is the fundamental unit of chromosome?

(Genetics One Liner)

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