Green Gram Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam

Green Gram

1. 1st Green gram variety is released in which year 1948

2. Green gram is also known as Spilt green gram Moong dal

3. Green gram is mainly growing as a Kharif crop

4. For summer season three or five Irrigation required

5. Best time for harvesting of green gram is When 85%pod gets matured

6. Yellow mosaic virus of green gram is spread due to White fly

7. Sowing temperature for green gram is 25-30degree celcius

8. Green gram is the excellent source of Protein, carbohydrate

9. Green gram help to control Blood pressure

10. Green gram is good source of Dietary fibre

11. Green gram plant is required Less care and management

12. Genus of green gram is Vigna

13. Major pest of green gram is Gram pod borer Bean aphid Whitefly

14. Major diseases of green gram are Rust Root rot Leaf blight

15. Species of green gram is Radiata

16. Green gram is a Drought resistant crop

17. Green gram is suitable for Dry land farming

18. The flower of green gram appears in clusters of 10-20in number

19. The green gram crop is needs Well distributed rainfall

20. Green gram used in Noodles production

21. Green gram is also used in Detergent and soap production

22. Green gram leaves are Alternate

23. Green gram fruit is known as Pod

24. PH range of green gram 6-7


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