Horticulture MCQ for Competitive Exam

Horticulture MCQ

Horticulture MCQ

1)HQ of International Society for Horticulture Science (ISHS) is at


B) Belgium

C) France

D) Brazil

2)Which of the following chemical is used for polyploidy breeding




D) Colchicine

3)India is known as home of

A) Vegetables

B) Spices and Medicinal

C) Fruits D) Flowers

4)Which Papaya species is resistant to distortion ring-spot virus?

A) Carica papaya

B) Carica pentagona

C) Carica cauliflora

D) Carica microcarpa

5)Making an incision below a bud to retard its growth

A) Nicking

B) Ringing

C) Notching

D) Thinning

(Horticulture MCQ)

6)Angle formed by attached of a branch to the trunk

A) Conn

B) Crown

C) Corona

D) Crotch

7)For controlling which one of the following are roots of rauvolfia serpentina used?

A) Diarrhoea

B) Insulin levels

C) High blood pressure

D) Bronchial asthma

8)Polyploidy variety of Mango

A) Vellaicollamban

B) Olour

C) Kurukkan

D) All of the above

9)Seedless variety of Mango

A) Mallika

B) Safari

C) Ratna

D) Sindhu

10)Fruit of the 21st century” is called

A) Jamun

B) Ber

C) Aonla

D) Bael

(Horticulture MCQ)

11)Regulation in mango to some extent can be induced with the application of

A) Paclobutrazol


C) Auxin

D) Thiourea 

12)Gulabi is important cultivar of

A) Strawberry

B) Litchi

C) Pomegranate

D) Grape fruit

13)Apple is divided in how much grades

A) 4

B) 8

C) 6

D) 10

14)In Papaya papain contain__ protein

A) 65.2%

B) 82.2%

C) 72.2%

D) 55.5%

15)Which crop is called micronutrient loving crop

A) Mango

B) Citrus

C) Banana

D) Apple

(Horticulture MCQ)

16)Pink fleshed variety of Papaya

A) Sunrise solo

B) Taiwan

C) Surya

D) Coorg Honey Dew

17)Multistorey cropping system is practised in

A) Bihar & UP

B) Karnataka & Kerala

C) J & K

D) Punjab & Gujrat

18)Papaya is a native of

A) Asia

B) India

C) Brazil

D) Tropical America

19)Caprification is done in

A) Fig

B) Ber

C) Avacado

D) Date palm

20)Which type of apomixes is found in apple?

A) Recurrent

B) Non-recurrent

C) Polyembryony

D) None of the above

(Horticulture MCQ)

21)Fruit found in desert of cold arid region

A) Apple

B) Peach

C) Pear

D) Apricot

22)Seeds are sown immediately after extraction in which fruit

A) Citrus

B) Ber

C) Mango

D) Jamun

23)The constituent responsible for the aroma of Apple is _

A) Ethyl-2-methyl

B) Eugenol

C) Isopentanol

D) Tiaxanol butyrate

24) Famous variety of mango for pickle use is

A) Ramkela

B) Ratna

C) Totapuri

D) Bombay Green

25)Bending is practice in guava to encourage

A) Better sprouting

B) Better ripening

C) Better fruiting

D) Better quality

(Horticulture MCQ)

26)Development of embryo from unfertilized egg is known as

A) Parthenogenesis

B) Parthenocarpy

C) Apomixsis

D) None of the above

27)The most common type of Jamun grown in North India

A) Paras

B) Gulabi

C) Jath Jamun

D) Raj Jamun

28)Major cause of mango fruit drop is ___

A) Lack of pollination

B) Low stigmatic receptivity

C) Defective perfect flower

D) All of the above

29)Tongue grafting is a modified form of _

A) Saddle grafting

B) Whip grafting

C) Inarching

D) None of the above

30)Which of the following system of training of grapes has high cost benefit ratio

A) Bower

B) Head

C) Kniffin

D) Trellis

(Horticulture MCQ)

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