Horticulture One Liner For Agriexam -8

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Horticulture One Liner

# Swaran roopa is the early variety of Litchi.

# Pajaro is the variety of Strawberry.

# Bolerois the variety of Marigold.

# Richest source of vitamin C is Barbados cherry.

# Largest importer of cut flower in the world Germany.

(Horticulture One Liner)

# The dwarf variety of mango Amrapali.

# California Papershell is the variety of Almond.

# Fruit of rose is known as Hips.

# Fruit of okra is a Capsule.

# Coconut fat is a rich source of Lauric acid.(Horticulture One Liner)

# Coconut is propagated by Seeds.

# Mango is mostly propagated through Veneer grafting.

# Inflorescence of cauliflower is known as Cyme.

# Inflorescence of cabbage is known as Cat ken.

# Black heart of potato is due to 02 deficiency.(Horticulture One Liner)

# Pusa ruby is a variety of Tomato.

# Generally fruits are in Acidic nature.

# Baradari is an important feature of Mughal garden.

# The fruit of pine apple is known as Sorosis.

# Garlic crop is propogated by means of bulbils (clove).(Horticulture One Liner)

# Edible banana fruit is seedless because of Ambryo abortion.

# Multistoried cropping is popular in Coconut plantation.

# Umran is the late ripening cultivar of ber.

# The exclusion of micro-organism is known as Asepsis.

# Production of vegetables out of their normal season (off season) is known as Vegetable forcing.(Horticulture One Liner)

# Pusa snowball is a variety of Cauliflower.

# India’s share in the fruit production in the World is 10%.

# Development of fruits without fertilization is called Parthenocarpy.

# Development of embryo without fertilization is known as Apomixis.

# Oleoresin is an important product of Chilli seeds or spices.(Horticulture One Liner)

# Plant parasitic bacteria was reported by T.J. Burill.

# Plant parasitic nematode was reported by Needham.

# Mycoplasma disease reported by Do et al. and Ishit et al.

# Virus was first discovered by Iwanosky.

# Scientist to study fungi and their species Micheli.(Horticulture One Liner)

# Transgenic plant Tobacco (By Fraley, 1983).

# Biotechnological crop introduced in India is Bt. Cotton.

# Hormone artificially produced by culturing bacteria Insulin.

# Commercially bio-insecticide is Sporeine.

# Maize hybrid developed in India is Ganga-2.(Horticulture One Liner)

# ‘00’ or canola type/variety of Gobhi sarson is PGSH-51.

# Short duration pigeon pea hybrid is PPH 4.

# Leaf curl resistant cotton hybrid is Fateh LHH-144.

# Sorghum × Sudan grass hybrid is Sudan Chari no 1.

# Kesar (saffron) belong to the family of Iridiceae.(Horticulture One Liner)

# Concentration of sugar is used for preservation is 60-70 %.

# Mango variety suitable for high density planting is Amrapali.

# Most salt tolerant fruit crop is Date Palm.

# Fruit repining hormone is Ethylene.

# A form of low pruning upto 2 m height of stem is called as Pollarding.(Horticulture One Liner)

# India is the only country to have developes and grown hybrid cotton commercially.

# ‘Alphanso” variety of mango is grown in Maharashtra.

# Early variety of ber is Gola and Seb.

# Planting season for deciduous plants is Jan-Feb.

# The variety of date palm is used for dry dates (Chhuhara) Halawi.(Horticulture One Liner)

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