Horticulture Oneliner PDF for Competitive Exam – 2

Horticulture Oneliner

1. Which chemical is used for de-greening of fruit : ETHYLENE

2. HQ of International Society for Horticulture Science (ISHS) is at : BELGIUM

3. Journal “Indian Horticulture” is published by : ICAR

4. Most abundant and basic Auxin is : IAA

5. High Water Use Efficiency (WUE) : DRIP

6. Protray are related to : NURSERY

7. Which test is used for testing the significance of mean differences : t-test

8. Detrimental effect of host plant on the biology of insect is known as :

9. Disease free plants in micro propagation can be obtained through: MERISTEM CULTURE

10. Disease free plants in micro propagation can be obtained through : MERISTEM CULTURE

11. Which of the following chemical is used for polyploidy breeding : COLCHICINE

12. Name of antifungal and an antibiotic : PIMARCIN

13. Making an incision below a bud to retard its growth : NICKING

14. Germination of seed while it still remains attached with the parent source : VIVIPARY

15. Angle formed by attached of a branch to the trunk :  CROTCH

16. “Queen of Fruits” is called : MANGOSTEEN

17. “King of Fruits” is called : MANGO

18. “King of Temperate Fruits” is called : APPLE

19. “Queen of Nuts” is called : PEANUT

20. “King of Nuts” is called : WALNUT

21. “King of Arid Fruits” is called : BER

22. “Fruit of the 21st century” is called : AONLA

23. “Pusa Nanha” dwarf variety of Papaya is developed through : MUTATION

24. Pusa Majestic is a variety of : PAPAYA

25. The fruit of banana is botanically a/an : BERRY


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