ICAR Programmes Important for Competitive exam

ICAR Programmes:

1. National Innovations on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA), 2011– is a network project of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) launched in – February, 2011.

2. AGRI UDAAN, 2017– Food and agribusiness Accelerator Start up Programme 2.0, launched by ICAR’s NAARM in collaboration with IIM-Ahmadabad in- August, 2017

3. ARYA– Attracting and Retaining Youth in Agriculture, July, 2015

✓ To attract and empower the Youth in Rural Areas and to prevent migration of youth from rural to urban areas, to take up various Agriculture, allied sector enterprises for sustainable income and gainful employment in agriculture.

4. READY- Rural and Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana”– July, 2015.

#To promote entrepreneurial skills among agril.students. It will provide an opportunity for the students to learn and understand agricultural practices in collaboration with farmers.

5. Mera Gaon-Mera Gaurav, July,2015:

✓ To enhance the direct interface of scientists with farmers which will hasten the lab to land approach.

✓ Under this scheme, groups of scientists will select villages and will remain in touch with that village and provide required information, knowledge and advisories to farmers on regular basis.

6. Farmer FIRST: Farmer’s Farm, Innovations, Resources, Science and Technology (FIRST), July, 2015

✓ ‘Farmer FIRST’ is an ICAR initiative “to move beyond the production and productivity and to privilege the complex, diverse & risk prone realities of majority of the farmers through enhancing farmers-scientists contact with multi stake holders- participation.

✓ The focus is on Farmer’s Farm, Innovations, Resources, Science and Technology (FIRST).

7. National Agriculture Higher Education Project– Sep, 2017 Funded by: World Bank, Implemented by: ICAR To provide relevant and better quality higher education to students.

8. Mridaparikshak– July, 2015 A Mobile mini soil testing lab for distributing Soil health cards to farmers.

9. KIRAN (Knowledge Innovation Repository of Agriculture in North

Farmer FIRST, ARYA, Mera Gaon-Mera Gaurav, Mridaparikshak programmes implemented through KVKs

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