Importance of basic sciences for development of Agricultural science ( Notes For NABARD)

 Agricultural science

Importance of basic sciences for development of Agricultural science

Basic science is the study of basic principles and fundamentals of the respective subject. Applied science is
the study in which the basic principles and fundamentals of respective subject are applied in a practical
field. Agricultural sciences are essentially applied sciences and are dependent on basic sciences of Botany,
Physiology, bio-chemistry, ecology, zoology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, economics etc. For example-

 Knowledge of Botany is helpful in plant breeding and plant genetics and is making possible for evolution of different varieties in crops suitable to particular agro-climatic condition.

 The knowledge of zoology (basic science of entomology) is helping the farmer to identify the insect pests which are responsible for damage to agricultural produce.

 Soil chemistry helps in understanding the plant nutrient status in the soil and the deficiency symptoms in plants.

 Physics helps in understanding the weather phenomena and soil conditions

 Mathematics is helpful in agricultural research and experimentation through statistics and Agricultural economics.

 Study of economics is helpful in estimating the costs and returns and existing conditions of farmers in villages for effecting the improvements. Without basic science there can be no development in applied science. In the Field of Agriculture basic and applied sciences are interrelated to each other.

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