Importance of livestock in Agriculture

1. Income from livestock and poultry enterprises contribute as high as 10% of the total national income and nearly 50% of agricultural sector income.
2. Effective utilization of labour – family labour is effectively utilized in animal husbandry.
3. Soil fertility : organic manure – promotes and maintain soil fertility.

4. Effective utilization– cow produces 8 tonnes of farm yard manure per year and farm
biomass farm products which includes fodder, feed, edible weed, tree fodder, bund grass are better utilized – and converted to Edible products like – Milk, Meat and Egg.
5. Effective utilization of agri industrial by products
By products obtained from grain processing (bran), oil seed process (oil cakes), pulses
processing (gram, husk) and molasses.
6. Better standard of living : family income from livestock and poultry -‘Bankers

7. Inter relationship
Man, animal plant interrelation is interdependent (one cannot survive without the help of
other) Man not only depends on plants and animals for food but also for income and other needs. He co-ordinates activities of the crop and other husbandry by proper planing.

Main objectives of livestock census
1. To assess the growth rate of the livestock
2. It helps to assess/improve the quality/production performance
3. It helps to reduce the uneconomical livestock by culling.

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