Important Agricultural Terms for Competitive exams

Important Agricultural Terms

1. Indian journal of fertilisers is published by Fertilizer Association of India

2. Early maturity variety of maize is- Ganga safeda

3. The main storage polysaccharide in animal cells is Glycogen

4. Variety of mango available in may´┐żaugust Dasheri

5. Hen required how much floor space perbird sq/ft as per nabard norms 1sq ft

6. king of cereals Wheat

7. Queen of cereals Maize

8. King of vegetables potato

9. Poor mans meat soybean

10. Famine reserves millets

11. Camel crop sorghum

12. Queen of oilseed Sesame

13. King of oilseed Groundnut

14. Queen of fodder crop Lucerne

15. King of fodder cop barseem

16. Grape cutting time- Oct.-Nov.

17. Spacing of apple 6 x 6 m

18. High density planting in banana 1.2 x 1.2 m

19. Dieback of citrus occurs due to the deficiency Cu

20. Which statement is incorrect in relation to drip irrigation Low fertilizer use efficiency

21. Propping done in Banana

22. Mango variety which is planted at the rate of 1600 plants/ha Amarapali

23. Apex institute for agriculture marketing in India NAFED

24. Best control method for stored grain pest Fumigation

25. Little leaf of litchi Zn deficiency

26. Die back of citrus Cu deficiency

27. Which one is main function of AGMARK – Maintain quality of commodity

28. Most popular variety of tomato Pusa ruby

29. Leaf curl of chillies is due to- Thrip

30. Which variety of radish can be grown throughout the year

31. Term Vernalisation was coined by T.D.Lysenko (1920)

32. Aerobic respiration of glucose produces 673 k cal energy

33. Krebs cycle is also called as Citric acid cycle or tricarboxylic acid cycle (TCA)

34. Abscisic acid is considered the “stress” harmone

35. In 1964 , the first naturally occurring cytokinin was isolated from corn called Zeatin

36. Gibberellins were discovered by Kurosowa (1926)

37. Indian Institute of Pulses Research is located Kanpur

38. National Research Centre for Groundnut is located Junagarh

39. Dual purpose breed of cow in India Haryana

40. Highest % of fat in Buffalo breed Bhadawari

41. Citrus cracking is due to Deficiency of boron

42. Deficiency symptom first appears on older or lower leaves Potassium

43. Seed rate (kg/ha) of Maize is 18-20

44. No till planter used for Sowing

45. Khapra beetle is related to Storage food grain pest.

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