Important Agriculture One Liner For Competitive exam

Agriculture One Liner

Agriculture One Liner

1. Power Sprayer is a low volume sprayer

2. ‘ULV SPRAYER’ means?- Ultra Low Volume Sprayer

3. ULV sprayers requires Less Than 5 Litre of spray fluid per hectare.

4. LOW VOLUME sprayers requires 50 To 200 Litres of spray fluid per hectare(Agriculture One Liner)

5. HIGH VOLUME sprayers requires More Than 500 Litres of spray fluid per hectare

6. Pests generally causes approximately 30-50 % of crop loss

7. Rachel Carson’s famous book ‘Silent spring’ was published in 1962.

8. Bengal famine of 1943 was due to a Fungus .

9. “All insecticides are pesticides , but not all pesticides are insecticides”. (Agriculture One Liner)

10. Which crop consumes maximum quantity of plant protection chemicals in India?-Cotton 

11. In India Insecticides are the largest consumed pesticides.

12. In India , of all plant protection chemicals used , nearly 80% belongs to Insecticides 

13. Precosine is an anti juvenile hormone insecticide

14. Tepa / Metepa is an example for Chemosterilant(Agriculture One Liner)

15. Altosid is a juvenile hormone insecticide

16. Spinosad / Mycotal / Vertalec is an insecticide of fungal origin

17. Avermectin / Milbemycin is an insecticide of Actinomycetes origin

18. Virtuss / Gypchek / Neochek is an insecticide prepared from viruses

19. ‘COPPER ARSENATE’ is otherwise known as Paris Green (Agriculture One Liner)

20. Insecticidal properties of DDT was discovered by Dr. Paul Muller

21. Insecticidal properties of BHC was discovered by Dupire

22. Control of Colarado potato beetle using Paris Green in 1867 was the first historically recorded success story in the application of modern plant protection chemicals

23. ‘VRIKSHAYURVEDA’ was written by Surpala

24. Prevost A French Scientist discovered that copper sulphate can be used to control ‘smut’ disease in Wheat(Agriculture One Liner)

25.Robertson, An English Scientist discovered that Sulphur can be used to control ‘powdery mildew’

26. Bordeaux Mixture / Burgundy Mixture / Cheshunt Mixture / Cuprous Oxide / Copper Oxy Chloride is a copper containing fungicide

27. ‘Thiram’ , an organo-sulphur fungicide was developed by Tisdale & Williams

28. Maneb / Zineb / Ferbam is an eg. for organo-sulphur fungicide

29. Oxathiin was the first systemic fungicide(Agriculture One Liner)

30. ‘OXATHIIN’ was developed jointly by Von-Schmeling & Marshal Kulka

31. Bavistin / Ridomil is a systemic fungicide

32. Polyethylene Oxide / Fatty Acid Esters is a wetting agent in pesticide formulations

33. Sodium Oleate / Tri Ethanol Amine is an eg. for an emulsifier in pesticide formulations

34. Soap / Flour is an eg. for spreaders in pesticide formulations(Agriculture One Liner)

35. Fish Oil / Linseed Oil is an eg. for stickers in pesticide formulations

36. Gelatin is an eg. for deflocculating agent in pesticide formulations

37. Zinc Sulphate is an eg. for safeners in pesticide formulations

38. ‘METACID’ is the trade name of Methyl Parathion

39. ‘SUMITHION’ is the trade name of Fenitrothion

40. ‘MALATHION’ is the trade name of Mercaptathion(Agriculture One Liner)

41. ‘ASATAF’ is the trade name of Acephate

42. ‘DITHANE Z 78’ is the trade name of Zineb

43. ‘DITHANE M45’ is the trade name of Mancozeb

44. ‘INDOFIL M45’ is the trade name of Mancozeb

45. ‘TILT’ is the trade name of Propeconazole(Agriculture One Liner)

46. ‘CONTAF’ is the trade name of Hexaconazole

47. ‘CALIXIN’ is the trade name of Tridemorph

48. Pyrethrum has knock down action

49. Neem contains Azadirachtin which gives it insecticidal properties

50. Commercial formulation of ‘Nereistoxin’?- Padan (Agriculture One Liner)

51. Insecticidal property of DDT was discovered by Dr. Paul Muller in 1939

52. DDT was originally discovered by Othnar Zeidlar in 1874

53. Who discovered BHC in 1825?- Michael Faraday

54. ‘LINDANE’ is a purified form of Bhc

55. Expand ‘BHC’?- Benzene Hexa Chloride(Agriculture One Liner)

56. ‘BHC’ is now commonly known as ‘Hch’-Hexa Chloro Cyclo Hexane

57. Bladan was the first Organo-phosphorus insecticide

58. First Organo-phosphorus insecticide ‘BLADAN’ was discovered by Gerhard Schrader in 1937

59. Organo-phosphorus insecticides have Broad-Spectrum activity

60. Food poisoning related deaths due to insecticides was reported in Kerala in Sasthamkotta in 1960 because of Presence Of Parathion In The Sugar Supplied To The Public

(Agriculture One Liner)

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