Important Agriculture One Liner of Wheat- 72

Agriculture One Liner

1) Wheat ranks first in the world among the cereals both in respect of area and production.(Agriculture One Liner)

2) In India wheat crop is the second most after rice so wheat is called as’king of cereals‘.

3) The word “Cereals” derived from a roman word ‘Ceres’ which means the Goddess of grain.

4) Wheat contains spongy protein i.e. Gluten (this is colloidal complex of gliaidine and glutenin in equal amounts) which is essential for baking.

5) Perling index in wheat: to determine the hardiness of grain, a higher value of P.I. means lower kernel hardness. (Agriculture One Liner)

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6) In wheat the permanent adventitious roots develops below the soil surface after the appearance of the first leaves is called clonal roots

7) Wheat inflorescence known as ear or spike and seed is caryopsis.

8) Mustard is very common crop usually intercropped with wheat.

9) Test weight of wheat grain is about 40g. While test weight of phalaris minor is only 2g.

10) Gene responsible for dwarfness in wheat is Norin-10 which is a Japanese variety isolated by Dr. Borlaug in 1960 at Mexico. (Agriculture One Liner)

11) In 1963 Lerma Rojo, Sonaro 63, Sonaro-64 and Mayo 64 were imported by then Minister of Agriculture, Shri C. Subramaniam and released for commercially cultivation in India (1965) these varieties were responsible for green revolution in India.

12)  Origin of wheat is South West Asia (turkey)

13) Flowering portion of wheat is called Spike

14) Macaroni wheat is known as Triticum durum Emmer

15) wheat is known as: T. diccocum(Agriculture One Liner)

16) Suitable late sown variety of wheat Lok-I, Raj -3765, Sonalika.

17) Spacing of row to row of wheat 22.5cm

18) Most critical stage for irrigation CRI (21 DAS)

19)  The highest productivity of wheat in Punjab due to nearly 100 % area of wheat is under irrigated conditions and higher doses of fertilizer consumption

20) Gene responsible for dwarfness in wheat is Norin-10(Agriculture One Liner)

21) Important mimicry weed of wheat is Phalaris minor

22) Test weight of wheat seed 40gm

23) Triple gene dwarf varieties of wheat Heera, Moti, Arjun

24) Central zig zag axis of wheat grain is called Rachis

25) Fruit type of wheat is Caryopsis(Agriculture One Liner)

26) First man made cereal Triticale

27) Triticale is a cross of Wheat x Rye

28) DT -46 is a variety of Triticale

29) Temperature for germination of wheat seed 20-25 °C.

30) Protein content in wheat 8-11%

31) World staple food grain Wheat(Agriculture One Liner)

32) Most of the present days Indians wheat varieties contain the gene Rht I & Rht 2

33) The wheat protein which is essential for good bread quality and chapatti making is Gluten

34) For safe storage moisture content of grain should be ranges from 10-12%

35) Triticum aestivum was first introduced in the India by NE Borlaug of Mexico

36)  Moisture content at harvesting stage in wheat is 25-30%(Agriculture One Liner)

37) Triple gene dwarf varieties were released in the year 1970

38) The sate which has highest production and cultivation area of wheat UP

39) Export quality of wheat is influenced by Kornai bunt

40) Dwarfing agent for wheat crop is Cycocel

41) Objectionable weed of wheat is Convolves arvensis

42) Variety of wheat , susceptible to 2, 4-D where spike deformity occur HD -2009 (Arjun)(Agriculture One Liner)

43) Primary roots in wheat that support and nourish the plants at initial stage is called Seminal roots

44) In wheat hybridization method most common use Goojo method

45)  Absolute weed of wheat is Chenopodium album

46) Recommended ratio for wheat + mustard intercropping is 9:1

47) Biofertilizer for wheat is Azatobacter(Agriculture One Liner)

48) Multiline in wheat are produced by back cross breeding

49) Dough stage is refers to when milky fluid in wheat grains turns harden.

50) If water is available to provide one irrigation, then it should be applied at CRI stage

51) If water is available to provide two irrigations, then it is preferred at CRI and late jointing.

52) FIRB Method sowing: New method of sowing is furrow irrigated raised bed system: it gives average to higher yield than other methods.(Agriculture One Liner)

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