Important Agriculture Question

Important Agriculture Question

1. Papaya introduced in India during…

a) 16th Century

b) 17th century

c) 18th century

d) 19th century

2. Which crop has highest area under cultivation in India?

a) Wheat

b) Rice

d) Maize

d) Mango

3. Production of which crop was highest during 2015-16 ?

a) Rice

b) Wheat

d) Papaya

d) Sugarcane

4. Which of the following is a temperate crop?

a) Rice

b) Wheat

c) Groundnut

d) Tur

5. What is the optimum relative humidity for most of the crop growth)


b) 40 to 60 %

c) 60 to 80%


6. What is the average annual rainfall in humid region…
a) < 450 mm

b) < 750 mm

c) > 750 mm

d) > 1000 mm

7. A form of cutting in which all the branches of fodder are removed– Lopping

8. Clean tillage: It refers to working of the soil of the entire field in such a way no living plant is left

9. Alley cropping– are those arable crops, whichare grown in ‘alleys’ formed by trees or shrubs, established mainly to hasten soil fertility restoration, enhance soil productivity and reduce soil erosion.

10. Water use efficiency of drip irrigation is…

a) 80%

b) 85%

c) 90%

d) 95%

11. Which of the following is a salt tolerant crop?

a) Groundnut

b) Rice

c) Moong

d) Urd

12. Electrical Conductivity (EC) of saline soil is…

(a) <4

(b) >4

(b) >6

(d) None

13. Exchangeable Sodium Percentage (ESP) of saline alkali soil is…

(a) > 1.5

(b) <15

(c) > 15

(d) None

14. Alkali soils have a pH…

(a) 4.5

(b) 6.5

(c) 7

(d) > 8.5

15. Which of the following is a micronutrient?

(a) Ca

(b) S

(d) Na

(d) Fe

16. Which micronutrient play a activist and catalytic role in photosynthesis of the plants?
a) N

b) Zn

d) Fe

d) Mg

17. Deficiency of which nutrient causes tip chlorosis and later leaves convert into gelatinous matter?

a) N

b) K

d) Mg

d) Ca

18. Nutrient element required for chlorophyll formation and cell elongation is…

(a) Zn

(b) Bo

(d) Mn

(d) Cu

19. Highest Ca % is in the manure?

a) Cattle

b) Sheep

c) Pig

d) Poultry (0.62%)

20. Which state have the highest salt affectedarea in India?

a) Gujarat

b) Maharashtra

c) Orissa

d) Rajasthan

21. Optimum soil pH for grape cultivation…

a) <6

b) 6.5 to 7.5

c) > 8.5

d) None

22. Optimum soil pH for banana cultivation…

a) <6

b) 6.5 to 7.5

c) > 8.5

d) None

23. Optimum soil pH for guava cultivation…

(a) < 4

(b) > 8

(c) 4.5 to 8.5

(d) None

24. Fertilizer suitable for fertigation in banana…

a) Sodium Nitrate

b) Calcium nitrate

c) Potassium nitrate

d) CAN

25. Which of the following is a Perennial crop?

a) Beets

b) Potatoes

c) Coconut

d) Cotton

26. Totapari variety of mango mostly grown in the state….

a) Maharashtra

b) Karnataka

c) Kerala

d) Tamil Nadu

27. Ratna is a cross of?

a) Neelam × Alphonso

b) Alphosnso × Neelam

c) Neelam × Dashehari

d) Dashehari × Neelam

28. Area recommended for pregnant cow is?

a) 3 m2

b) 4 m2

c) 5 m2

d) 6 m2

29. Duration of proestrous in cattle is:

a) 2 days

b) 4 days

c) 5 days

d) 6 days

30. Floor space recommended for broiler indeep litter systema)

a)0.5 sq ft

b) 0.75 sq ft

b) 1 sq ft

d) 1.5 sq ft

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