Important Horticultural aspects


Important Horticultural aspects

❖ Area Under Horticulture Crops, 2017-18 was – 25.43 Mha
❖ Production of Horticulture crops, 2017-18 was- 311.7 MT
❖ Productivity of Horticulture crops, 2017-18 was- 12.10 tonnes/ha
❖ India’s share in world production of Fruits is- 13%
❖ India’s share in world production of Vegetables- 10.7%
❖ Percentage of Gross Cultivated Area Utilized by Horticulture is- 16%
❖ Contribution of Horticulture to Gross Value Addition (GVA)/GDP of Agriculture is- 38%
❖ Contribution of horticulture to Agriculture GVA/GDP is- 38%
❖ Total Fruit production in India – 97.35 Mt
❖ Total Vegetable production in India- 184.3 Mt
❖ Estimated Horticulture production for 2018-19 was- 314.6 MT
❖ India’s rank in terms of Production of Fruits and Vegetables- Second (First Brazil)

❖ Leading producer of Fruits in India- Andhra Pradesh (Ranks First)
❖ Leading producer of Vegetables in India- West Bengal (Ranks First)
❖ The fruit crop with highest production in India- Banana
❖ The fruit crop with highest area under cultivation- Mango
❖ The vegetable crop with highest area and production is- Potato ➢ The state with production of fruits and Vegetables is- Uttar Pradesh
❖ Largest producer of Kiwi fruit in India- Manipur
❖ Largest producer producer of Lychee and Mesta in India- Bihar

❖ Item /2017-18 /2018-19 (I Advanced estimate)
Total Fruits Production (mt) /97.35 mt /98.88
Total Vegetable Production (mt) /184.3 mt /187.5

❖ Top “3” cultivated Vegetables in Area & Production

First: Potato

Second: Onion

Third: Tomato

❖ Top “3” cultivated Fruits in Area

First: Mango

Second: Banana

Third: Citrus

❖ Top “3” Fruits in Production
First- Banana

Second- Mango

Third- Citrus

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