33 Important mcq For Agricultural Competitive Exam

1) Rhizobium japonicum can fix the nitrogen in the roots of:?
A] Soyabean
B] Cowpea
C] Beans
D] Lentil

2)Rhizohium culture is used to increase biological nitrogen fixation in:?
A] Pulse crops
B] Cereals crops
C] Oilseeds
D] Cotton

3)Refers to the study of the origin of soils in there natural environment, its classification and description:?
A] Edaphology
B] Pedology
C] Geology
D] None of the above

4)Refers to the study of the soil properties in relation to crop production:?
A] Soil taxonomy
B] Geology
C] Pedology
D] Edaphology

5)Potassium is considered vital in:?
A] Synthesis of protein and amino acids
B] Photosynthetic activity of leaves
C] Movement of manufactured food from leaves to root
D] All of the above

6)Phosphorus is esential for:?
A] Cell division
B] Development of meristematic tissues
C] Both of these
D] None of these

7)Phosphorous occurs in soil in:?
A] Inorganic form only
B] Organic form only
C] Both (a) & (b)
D] None of these

8)Pedology is the study of:?
A] Rocks
B] Soils
C] Nutrient management
D] Crop production

9)Organism used as biofertilizer in wheat cultivation:?
A] Azotobacter
B] Rhizobium
C] Nostoc
D] All of these

10)Organic matter contains about __ percent organic carbon:?
A] 32
B] 18
C] 68
D] 58

11)On the basis of pH measurements, the nearly neutral soils have pH value between:?
A] 6.0 to 6.5
B] 6.6 to 7.5
C] 7.5 to 8.5
D] 5.0 to 6.0

12)Nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur, which are used by plants in relatively large quantities, are referred to as:?
A] Macro nutrients
B] Micro nutrients
C] Trace nutrients
D] Bulk nutrients

13)Nitrogen is an essential nutrient element for the plants because:?
A] It imparts early vigorous vegetative growth and dark green colour
B] It provides extensive root system
C] It strengthens straw and prevent lodging
D] It stimulates seed formation

14)Nitrogen is taken by the plants in the form of:?
A] Elemental nitrogen
B] Nitrate
C] Nitrite
D] None of these

15)Nitrogen is absorbed by the plants in the form?
A] Only as NO3-1
B] Only as NH4+
C] Both (a) & (b)
D] None of the above

16)Nitrification in the soil take place by:?
A] Reduction process
B] Oxidation process
C] Biological oxidation
D] Both (a) and (b)

17)Which one of the following pairs is correct?
A] Urea – 42%
B] DAP – 20%
C] (NH4)2 SO4 – 21.5% ✅
D] MoP – 47.5%✅

18)N, P, K percent in cotton seed cake is:?
A] 4, 1.9, 2
B] 1.9, 2, 4
C] 4, 1.9, 1.7
D] 1.7, 4, 1

19)Murate of potash contains:?
A] 40%K2O
B] 36%K2O
C] 50%K2O
D] None of the above

20)Microbial population of a soil in general?
A] Decreases with depth
B] Increases with depth
C] Constant throughout the profile
D] No specific trend

21)Mg and S are termed as:?
A] Primary nutrients
B] Micronutrients
C] Ultra micronutrients
D] Secondary nutrients

22)Maximum population of microorganisms found in soils is of:?
A] Bacteria
B] Fungi
C] Actinomycetes
D] Viruses

23)Maximum absorption of water by roots takes place through the 😕
A] Zone of elongation
B] Zone of maturation
C] Root hair
D] Root cap

24) Which one of the following pairs of elements and the mineral from which they are obtained is not correctly matched?
A] Sulphur – Pyrite
B] Boron – Siderite
C] Zinc – Calamine
D] Copper – Malachite

25)Lime is used for reclamation of:?
A] Acidic soil
B] Sodic soil
C] Both (a) & (b)
D] None of these

26)Khaira disease of rice is diagnosed by:?
A] Necrotic lesions
B] Dark reddish brown pigmentation
C] Yellowish spots on leaves
D] Black pinhead points on leaf

27)K in igneous rocks is about:?
A] 8.90%
B] 2.50%
C] 3.10%
D] 18.50%

28)Is called father of pedology:?
A] V.V. Dokuchaev
B] D.G. Vilensky
C] C.F. Marbut
D] K.D. Glinka

29)Irrigation with sodic water increase the availability of:?
A] Sodium
B] Molybdenum
C] Zinc
D] Chloride

30)Chlorosis is observed in upland rice due to deficiency of:?
A] S
B] Fe
C] Zn
D] Mn

31)A well developed soil has:?
A] A horizon
B] B horizon
C] C horizon
D] All of the above

32)A soil absorbs about _ of incoming solar radiation:?
A] 5%
B] 10%
C] 15%
D] 20%

33)A pH value of 6.0 indicates that the soil reaction is:?
A] Acidic
B] Alkaline
C] Neutral
D] Highly alkaline








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