Important One Liners Question and Answer

▪️Bench terracing is done when slope is more:- 15%
▪️Mass per unit volume is called: Bulk density.
▪️Disk plough is used when the soil is: – Tough.
▪️First man made cereal is:- Triticale.
▪️Cheapest N contains fertilizer is: Urea.
▪️First product of urea hydrolysis: Ammonium carbamate.
▪️NABARD was set up on the recommendation of: Siva Raman committee
▪️Free living nitrogen fixing organism is: -Azatobacter
▪️The fruit of mustard is known as: – Siliqua.
▪️Supplemental irrigation is known as:-Life saving irrigation
▪️Major agricultural importing commodity in India is: Edible oil (65%)
▪️Lunishree is a variety of:- Super rice.
▪️Plants with separate male and female flower on same
plant are known as: Monoecious {agrilearner}
▪️National biodiversity board is situated at: New Delhi.
▪️Major P fertilizer commonly used in India is: DAP

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