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Biogas is a mixture of : Methane + Carbon dioxide.

Chairman of NABARD : Dr.Harshkumar Bhanwala.

Father of Agricultural Engineering : Mason Waugh

Egyptian variety of cotton : Sujata

Super rice variety for saline/ alkaline conditions : Lunishree

Country to introduce zero tillage : USA

Sugarcane variety : Co-205

Scented basmati rice for normal and sodic soils : Yamini (CSR 30)

Interspecific variety of coĴon (G. hirsutum × G.
barbadense) : Varalaxmi

Tobacco hybrid : GTH 1

Safflower hybrid : DSH-129

Crop to have its genome decoded : Rice

Plant to have its genome decoded : Arabidopsis thaliana

Single cross maize hybrid : Paras

Pathogen resistant gene : HM 1

Systemic fungicide : Carboxin

Organic fungicide : Dithiocarbamate

Fungicide : Bordeaux mixture (inorganic in nature)

Person to record plant disease : Theophrastus 

Autopolyploid variety released for commercial cultivation in India : Pusa Giant (Berseem)

Carbamate compound : Sevin/carboryl

Laureate of the “world food” prize : Dr. M.S.Swaminathan

Director General of ICAR : Dr. B.P.Pal

President of ICAR : Mohammad Habibullah

Indian scientist who collected and identified the fungus : K.R. Kirtikar

Plant pathologist of India : J.F. Dastur

Plant parasitic bacteria was reported by : T.J. Burill

Plant parasitic nematode was reported by : Needham

Mycoplasma disease reported by : Do et al. and Ishit et al.

Virus was first discovered by : Iwanosky

Scientist to study fungi and their species : Micheli

Transgenic plant : Tobacco (By Fraley, 1983)

Biotechnological crop introduced in India : Bt. Cotton

Hormone artificially produced by culturing bacteria : Insulin

Commercially bio-insecticide : Sporeine

Maize hybrid developed in India : Ganga-2

‘00’ or canola type/variety of Gobhi sarson : PGSH-51

Short duration pigeon pea hybrid : PPH 4

Leaf curl resistant cotton hybrid : Fateh LHH-144

Sorghum × Sudan grass hybrid : Sudan Chari no 1

Fungicide used : Sulphur (powdery mildew of vine)

Insecticide used : Paris green

Herbicide used : 2, 4-D

First Bt cotton variety : Bollgaurd (Cry1 Ac gene used)

Fumigant used : Hydrocyanic acid (HCN)

First hybrid in India : Pusa meghdoot (bottle gourd)

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