Important Question Answer For Competitive Exam

    Whiptail of cauliflower- Mo
    Scald of leaves- Mo
    Yellow spots in citrus-Mo
    Grey speck of oats- Mn
    Marsh spot of peas- Mn
    Phala blight of sugarcane-Mn
    Little leaf of citrus- Cu
    Dieback of citrus-Cu
    Heart rot of sugarbeet& marigold-Boron
    Top sickness of tobacco-boron
    Internal necrosis in mango- boron
    Brown heart of turnip-boron
    Fruit creaking of tomato and pomegranate-boron
    Crown choking in coconut-boron
    White bud of maize-Zn
    Khaira disease of rice-Zn
    Leaf bronzing in litchi-Zn
    Little leaf of mango,litchi, cashew-Zn
    Jonathan spot of apple-water
    Bitter pit of apple-excess of chloride ions in water
    Buttoning in cauliflower-N
    Black heart of potato-oxygen
  • Dr.Biwant Rajis the founder of--Really cropping
  • The Directorate of cropping system research is located--modipuram meerut U.P.
  • when the sub crop are sown to main to supplement of yield of the main crop the sub crops are known--Augmenting crop
  • The main crop is grown in the centre,surrounded by Hardly or thorny crops the sub crop is known as--Boarder or guard crops
  • The yield of both crops, grown together are found to be higher than the yield of their pure crops on unit area such cropping is known as--Synergetic crop
  • The growing of two or more crops on the same field in a year is called--multiple cropping
  • The Practice of raising grasses or pasture is also known as--lay farming
  • The optimum temperature for ideal germination of wheat--20-25
  • Jower is poor in lysine but rich in--leucine
  • Central Zig – zag axis of wheat is called-Rachi
  • In cotton bad opening of ball is known as– tirak
  • In cotton the maturity of fiber is judged by--Arealometet
  • One seed of cotton has--60000-80000fibre
  • priming method is used--cigarette and wrapper tobacco

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