Some Important Question About Fruit Science

1. The only fruit to have seeds on the outside is:
a) Pineapple
b) Raspberry
c) Lychee
d) Strawberry✔

2. Because it has a high quercitin content this fruit may help relieve hayfever.
a) Raspberry✔
b) Strawberry
c) Melon
d) Grape

3. A loganberry is a cross between a blackberry and a:
a) Blueberry
b) Raspberry✔
c) Blackcurrant
d) Strawberry

4. According to American research, which fruit is No. 1 when it comes to antioxidants?
a) Blueberry✔
b) Orange
c) Pear
d) Cherry

5. In January 2009, what was named as the state fruit of Ohio?
a) Blueberry
b) Cranberry✔
c) Paw paw
d) Apple

6. The fruit of the physalis plant is also known as:
a) Kiwi
b) Fig
c) Olive
d) Cape gooseberry✔

7. Kumquat is Chinese for:
a) Gold orange✔
b) Green orange
c) Tangerine
d) Satsuma

8. In Greek mythology, in the stories of Persephone, what is said to be the fruit of the underworld?
a) Grape
b) Pineapple
c) Pomegranate✔
d) Orange

9. Which of these fruits is not native to North America?
a) Blueberry
b) Apple✔
c) Cranberry
d) Grape

10. The stones from which fruit were once used in bed-warming pans?
a) Plum
b) Avocado
c) Cherry✔
d) Peach

11.Dame Nellie Melba, a famous Australian opera singer, had a fruity dessert named after her; which fruit is used in the making of it?
a) Strawberry
b) Peach✔
c) Pear
d) Plum

12. What is a nectarine? Is it:
a) A cross between a peach and a plum
b) A cross between an an apple and a peach
c) A type of peach✔
d) A type of orange

13. There is a fruit juice that can increase the potency of some medication, even causing an overdose. Which fruit juice is this?
a) Apple
b) Orange
c) Grapefruit✔
d) Pineapple

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