Important Trems Related To Agriculture for Competitive Examination

#Cline: A gradual change in the traits of a species over a geographical gradient.

#Community: A group of mutually adjusted populations of plants and animals inhabiting a natural area.

#Comparative risk assessment: A methodology which uses science, policy, economic analysis and stakeholder participation to identify and address areas of greatest environmental risk; a method for assessing environmental management priorities.
#Composting: The biological decomposition of organic materials in the presence of oxygen that yields carbon dioxide, heat, and stabilised organic residues that may be used as a soil additive.

#Conservation biology: A discipline of ecology which deals with identifyingall species and to design long-term management programs based on ecological and evolutionary principles.

#Decomposers: Organisms which digest or break down living material which has died.

#Deme: Any local population of individuals belonging to the same species that can inter-breed with one another.

#Demography: The statistical analysis of human population.

#Detritivore: An organism that obtains its energy from dead bodies and/or waste product of other animals.

#Detritus: The waste material of an ecosystem.

#Ecological footprint: The amount of land and ocean needed to supply an individual with food, energy, water, housing, transportation and waste disposal.

#Ecological niche: The functioning of a species in relation to other species and its physical environment.

#Ecological succession: The sequential replacement of one assemblage of populations by another in a habitat following some disturbance.

#Ecotone: The transitional zone where two ecosystems or biomes inter-grade.

#Ecotourism: A type of tourism in which tourist pay to observe wildlife in natural settings.

#Ecotype: A locally adapted variant of an organism, differing genetically from other ecotype.

#Endangered species: The species that face a very high risk of extinction in near future.

#Endemic species: The native or local species that are not found anywhere else in the world.

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