Important Variety One Liner For Competitive exam

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Important Variety One Liner

● The ‘Coriander’ (dhania) varieties are; Hissar Anand, Sindhu, Gujarat Dhania-1.

● Sonf (Fennel) varieties are; Gujarat Sonf-1 and 2.

● Cumin (Jeera) varieties are; Gujarat-1 and 2.

● The varieties of Fenugreek—‘Hissar Sonali’ and ‘CO-1’ are considered better.

● ‘India’ is the origin place of; Clusterbean (Guar), Bean, Cucumber, Muskmelon, Kakoti (Kakri or Snake Cucumber), Ridged/Ribbed Sponge gourd (Nasdar Torai), Parwal, Chichinda, Kundru, Brinjal, Palak, Chaulai, Zimikand and Turmeric. (Important Variety One Liner)

● Newly released varieties of vegetables—


Chilli hybrids—MSH-96, MSH—172;

Bottle Gourd—Pusa Samridhi;

Onion—Bhima Raj (red)

Palak—Arka Anupurna

Potato hybrids—MP/99-406, Hybrid J-93-86 and MP/99-322,

Tomato hybrid—TLBRH-9, Hybrid 70; OKra-Hybrid OH-5, Arka Samrat.(Important Variety One Liner)

(v) Important Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Newly released varieties—

● Ashwagandha—MWS-131, MWS-212, MWS-133, IIHR-WS-3.

● Safed Musli—NRCCB-1 and 2, MCB, RC77.

● Opium poppy—NOP-02-3, NOP-02-9.

● Isabgol—Genotype GI-2.

● Kalmegh—IC-342139.

● Satavari—HAR-8

● Lemongrass—OD-19, CKP-25

● Palmarosa—RH-03-43

● Chandrasur—MLS-1

● Mentha—Selection HMA-1

● Mandukparni (Centrella asiatica)— Vallabh Medha.(Important Variety One Liner)


● In Agra, an Orchard/garden known (now) as—‘RAMBAGH’, Earlier name—‘AARAM BAGH’ was planted/constructed by king ‘Babar’ in 1526 A.D. for his own rest, to realize comfort, After his (Babar) death, he was burried here and later on, his dead body (Lash/Taboot) was taken away in a garden of Kabul (Afganishtan), that was liked most by Babar.

● According to Vatsayan (300-400 A.D.), gardens are of four types; ‘Nandanvan’, ‘Udhyan’, ‘Brachh Batika’ and ‘Pramod Udyan’.

● In Kashmir, near Dul Lake, Great Mughal Emperor ‘Akbar’ established the ‘Naseem Bagh’.

● ‘Lal Bagh Garden’ is located at Bangalore. (Important Variety One Liner)

● Moriculture—Growing mulberry (Shahtoot) plants for rearing of silk insect, which is related to ‘Sericulture’. Silk Industry in Karnataka is on frontline.

● National Research Centre on Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (NRC-MAP) Anand (Gujarat) is conducting research on aromatic & medicinal plants under ICAR.

● Nehru Memorial Botanical Garden is located at Chesmashahi (J & K).

● Mughal Emperor Jahangir, in the year 1619 A.D., constructed the Shalimar Mughal Garden at Shrinagar; and after 11 years, the re-extension was made by the then Governor (J & K)—Kasim Jaffar Khan. (Important Variety One Liner)

● Mughal Garden ‘Nishat’ was constructed by Asaf Khan (The brother of Noorjahan w/o Jahangir) in the year 1632 A.D.

● Project Co-ordinator Offices are meant for;

(i) Sub-tropical fruits—CIHNP, Lucknow;

(ii) Arid Fruits—CCSHAU, Hisar;

(iii) Potato—CPRI, Shimla;

(iv) Regional Office of Tuber Crops—(CTCRI)—Bhuva-neshwar;

(v) Mushroom—NCMRT, Solan;

(vi) Aromatics & Medicinal Plants—NBPGR, New Delhi;

(vii) Palm—CPCRI, Kasargod (Kerala);

(viii) Spices—NRC-S, Calicut (Kerala); and

(ix) Cashew—NRCC, Puttur (Karnataka).(Important Variety One Liner)

● NHM (National Horticulture Mission) set-up on 5 May, 2005 and NHB (National Horticulture Board) Gurgaon (Haryana) founded in 1984.

● Major Gardens—

‘Taj Garden (Agra);

Rambagh (Agra);

Municiple Park (Mussoorie);

Pinjor Garden (Pinjor);

Motibagh (Patiala),

Nasimbagh and Shalimar (Kashmir; Talkatora Garden – Delhi).

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