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To get maximum out of the soil in the minimum time ,we have to confine intensive cultivation.We should raise such  crops which grow quickly and high yields per unit area.

These are vegetables and  some quick growing fruits.Most of the vegetables ,if properly grown, can give a yield which is five to ten times higher than cereals.Moreover vegetables provide protiens,carbohydrates,mineral salts,vitamins which along with some cereals and other foods constitute the essentials of a balance diet.

An average indian consumes 375g of cereals  daily as against 328g per head in the developed countries.While the daily consumption per head of starchy roots and vegetables in the advanced countries is 316g and 362g respectively,in India it is only 30g and 80g.According to dieticians,an individual should consume about 115g each of leafy and other vegetables, 70g root vegetables daily for a balance diet.  The majority of  indian population being vegetarian,the quantity should be even higher.The production of vegetables in the country is very low.

ROOT VEGETABLES                                           LEAFY VEGETABLES

The present knowledge in india regarding the science of vegetable production is scanty.For successful vegetable production best seeds,improved cultural practices,and better plant protections are nesessary and also for this industry and allied services like transport,marketing,storage and preservation facilities must develop.Vegetable crops occupy about 1.2% of the total cultivated area of the country.It is encouraging to note that recently more attention is being paid to increasing the production of vegetables.This being implemented through crash,emergency and nutrition programmes. This will not only help in the food self- sufficiency but also provide a means to earn foreign exchange by exporting fresh vegetables and it’s seeds.

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