Livestock Oneliner Pdf for Competitive Exam – 2

Livestock Oneliner

1. What are the advantages of crossbreeding swine?
Ans – To combine the best traits of different breeds and to capitalize on heterosis (hybrid vigor)

2. What does a swine show person use to move the hog about the show ring?
Ans –Cane or whip (or other similar equipment)

3. What are two important reasons antibiotics are fed to growing swine?
Ans –Help control disease, increase gains and improve feed efficiency

4. When should sows and boars be wormed?
Ans –Prior to breeding

5. How close should you stand to the person to whom you are giving oral reasons?
Ans –Approximately 6-8 feet away

6. How old should gilts be when they are bred?
Ans –8-9 months

7. Up to 50% of all sows and gilts in heat will not show “standing heat” unless what is present?
Ans –A boar

8. How can a pig be stopped in the show ring?
Ans –By crouching in front of the pig or placing the cane or whip in front of its snout

9. What nutritional disease may result if zinc is not included in the swine diet?
Ans -Parakeratosis

10. What is a piglet born dead called?
Ans -Stillbirth

11. What should your voice sound like when giving oral reasons?
Ans –Voice volume should be at a conversational level – confident, but pleasant

12. What is a purebred animal?
Ans –An animal whose parents are of the same breed and are recorded with the swine registry association

13. Will the period for standing heat usually last longer for sows or for gilts?
Ans -Sows

14. When showing a pig, how is the pig turned to the left?
Ans –By tapping the pig with a cane or whip on the right side of its head

15. What are two mineral sources often included in protein supplements for swine?
Ans –Limestone, dicalcium phosphate, trace mineralized sale, bone meal

16. What is the money made on a hog after the purchase price and cost of raising is subtracted called?
Ans -Profit

17. If the cuts for a class of market barrows were 1-1-1 what would this tell you about the class?
Ans –All four animals are essentially the same or the decision for placing each pair is very close

18. What is a pedigree?

Ans –A record of an animal’s ancestors

19. What is meant by “standing heat” when referring to swine?

Ans -The period during which the female will stand to be mounted

20. What is the best distance from the judge to show off a pig?

Ans – 10-30 feet

21. . Corn is high in energy but like most farm grains is low in what two nutrients?

Ans –Protein and minerals (and some vitamins)

22. What is a group of baby pigs from the same mother called?

Ans -Litter

23. Who determines what the “cuts” or margin of differences between the pairs in a judging class will be?

Ans –The official judge

24. Name three of the four individuals (positions) who conduct a quiz or project bowl-Ans –Moderator, judge, score keeper and time keeper 

25. What are the most troublesome external parasites of hogs?
Ans –Lice and mange


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