Livestock Oneliner Pdf for Competitive Exam

1. What is meat from hogs called – Pork

2. What is the most popular – a 2-breed or 3-breed rotational crossing system – 3-breed rotational

3. What material is frequently used on the floor of the showring – Shavings

4. What percent protein does corn contain- 8.5%-9.0%

5. What should be applied to the cut tails and also the navels to prevent infection – Tincture of iodine, antiseptic or other disinfectant

6. What breed of hogs originated in Pennsylvania – Chester White

7. What is a breed of animals – Animals which look alike, have similar colour markings, and the same origin

8. Name a basic crossbreeding system frequently used with swine – Rotational, terminal, rotaterminal

9. What is the person called who keeps track of the showring placings – Clerk

10. What percent should be fed to a pig from weaning to 100 pounds – 16%

11. How soon should a baby pigs’ tail be clipped – Within 24 hours after birth

12. What is the maximum number of points you can receive in a judging class – 50 points

13. The most genetic improvement for growth, efficiency and carcass merit will come from what animal(s) in the swine herd – The boar

14. What is heritability – The proportion of total variation that is passed on directly from parents to offspring

15. What is the person called who places the class in a show ring – The judge

16. A 100-pound pig eating 5-6 pounds of feed per Approximate day should gain how many pounds per day-  1.5 – 1.6 pounds per day

17. Which teeth should be clipped in baby pigs – Needle teeth

18. What four points is the judge listening for in a set of oral reasons – Accuracy, thoroughness, organization and smoothness of delivery

19. What is a crossbred animal – An animal with two or more breeds in its ancestry

20. What is heterosis (hybrid vigor) – When the crossbred offspring perform above the average of their purebred parents’ breeds

21. What should a person showing swine keep in a pocket – A small brush

22. How much feed will a 200-pound pig eat each day – Approximately 6-8 pounds

23. What temperature should baby pigs be kept at for the first 10 days – 85-90°F

24. How long should the oral reasons presentation take for experienced judges – 1 ½ to 1 ¾ minutes

25. How much should a gilt weigh when she is bred – 275-300 pounds.


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