marmalade preparation


Marmalade is a jelly with pieces of fruit suspended in it. Citrus peel and juice are frequently the basis of marmalade.

This is a fruit jelly in which slices of the fruit (or) its peel are suspended. The term is generally used for products made from citrus fruits like oranges and lemons in which shredded
peel is used as the suspended material.

Citrus marmalades are classified into (1) jelly marmalade (2) jam marmalade.


The FPO specifications for marmalade are

TSS– 65% and fruit
juice – 45% of the prepared product.

Pectin extract – 1 litre
Sugar – 750 gm
Shredded peel – 62 gm

Jelly marmalade

It prepared from the clarified pectin extract.
Ripe fruits → Washing → Peeling outer yellow portion (Flavedo) thinly → Cutting yellow
portion into fine shreds (1.9 – 2.5 cm long and 0.8 – 0.12 cm thick) -0.45 cm Cutting of 0.3
thick slices of peeled fruit (or) crushing into pulp in a greater → Boiling (in 2-3 times its weight of
H2O for 40-60 min.) Straining the extract t) → Addition ->Tes ting for pectin conten of sugar (as required) ->Cooking to 103-105o C (Continuous stirring) –>Addition of shreds (shredded peel boiled for 10 to 15 min. in several changes of water for softening and removing bitterness and added @ about 62 g per kg of extract) –>Boiling till (continuous stirring) –>-88 Tes ting for end powith continuous stirring) –>Flavouring –>Storage at ambient temperature.

Jam Marmalade
The method of preparation is practically the same as that for jelly marmalade. In this
case the pectin extract of fruit is not clarified and the whole pulp is used. Sugar is added
according to the weight of fruit, generally in the proportion of 11. The pulp – sugar mixture is
cooked till the TSS content reaches 65%

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