Methods of overcoming self incompatibility

One of the following techniques can be used to temporarily inhibit the incompatibility reaction and bring about partial fertility:

  • Bud pollination – Application of mature pollens to immature non-receptive stigma i.e. 1-2 days prior to anthesis.
  • Surgical technique – Removal of stigmatic surface.
  • High temperature – Exposure of pistils to temperature up to 60oC
  • Irradiation – With x rays or Ɣ rays for single locus gametophytic incompatibility.
  • Double pollination – Incompatible pollen is applied as mixture with a compatible pollen.

Pollination at the end of season.

Arora and Singh (1988) observed that in low chilling plum and peach cultivars, methanol killed the mentor pollen and not helpful in overcoming incompatibility barriers, however, frozen and thawed mentor pollen (one which, if alive, would be fully compatible with style receiving it) improved fruit set in both intra and inter specific incompatibility.

In case of sporophytic incompatibility system, the breakdown is comparatively easy because the incompatibility reaction takes place between stigmatic surface and pollen wall in comparison to gametophytic incompatibility in which reaction starts when the pollen tubes have already travelled ⅓ to ½ length of styler tissue (Arora, 1993).

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