NABARD bankable project on establishment of Modern Nursery Unit PART 18th PDF

NABARD bankable project

Horticulture crops

The canvas of horticulture and plantation in India is broad based and multifaceted with fruits, vegetables, potato, tubers, ornamentals, medicinal and aromatic plants, spices, plantation crops and mushroom. Temperate fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices are grown in the North Himalayan region while subtropical and tropical fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, mushroom, spices are cultivated in the rest of India. Spices and plantation crops are found in the peninsular region. Arid zone crops are concentrated in western India. Horticulture and Plantation sector is widely heralded as sunrise sector that provides the dynamic tool for improving economic conditions of the farmers and entrepreneurs, creating diversification opportunities with high value crops, increasing the productivity of land, providing nutritional security, generating employment, ensuring ecological sustainability and enhancing the export earnings. Analysts are of the view that the emergence of Agri – Business ventures in India, is directly correlated to the progress in the plantation and horticulture sector.

Commercial prospects nursery enterprises

Cultivation of traditional fruit crops comprising tropical and sub-tropical fruits like mango, banana, pomegranate, pineapple, grape, citrus and which has the potential to provide sustainable livelihood to the small land holders both under irrigated as well as rainfed conditions. However, timely availability quality planting material for perennial horticulture crops and absence of standardisation and certification are the major issues in the promotion of area expansion under these crops across the States. While several state governments have established nursery production facilities under respective line departments, the demand far exceeds the production from the government nursery units. Thus there exists good scope for establishing commercial nursery production unit to meet. Considering the fact that good quality planting material fetch a premium price, investment in a commercial nursery unit is considered to be a viable and profitable proposition.


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