National Food security Act and NITI Ayog Very Important for Competitive exam


National Food security Act/bill – 2013

➢ National Food Security Act/bill passed in the year- July, 2013

➢ As per Food Security Ordinance (2013) or Food security bill, food grain’s planned to distribute among household is/are – Rice, wheat and coarse grains

➢ Amount of rice, wheat and coarse grain decided to distributed per households under Food Security Ordinance (2013) – Rs. 3:2:1 kg per month.

➢ Under Food Security Ordinance (2013), amount of foodgrain decided to distributed per household per month is – 5 kg, amount of food grain distributed per family living BPL is-35 Kg

NITI Ayog: 2015 (policy think tank of GOI)

➢ Acronym for NITI Ayog- National Institution for Transforming India

➢ Policy making body of Govt.of India- NITI Ayog

➢ NITI Ayog formed in the year- Jan.1, 2015

➢ First CEO of NITI Ayog- Sindhu Sree Kullar

➢ Present CEO of NITI Ayog- Amitabh Kanth

➢ Governing council of NITI Ayog consists of- Chief ministers of all states

➢ Chairman of NITI Ayog- Prime Minister

➢ NITI Ayog vice chairman- Rajiv Kumar

➢ Full time members of NITI Ayog- Bibek Debroy and V.K.Saraswat

➢ Agricultural economist of NITI Ayog- Ramesh Chand

“NITI Aayog developed Agricultural Marketing and Farmer Friendly Reforms Index to comparing states on implementation of farm sector reforms “

Ranks :

Maharashtra-1st ,

Gujarat 2nd ,

Rajasthan 3rd

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