National Mission on Oilseeds & Oilnpalm (NMOOP)

National Mission on Oilseeds & Oilnpalm (NMOOP)

National Mission on Oilseeds & Oilnpalm (NMOOP)

 NMOOP was started in January 2014 upon the achievements of the existing schemes of Integrated Scheme of Oilseeds, Oil Palm and Maize (ISOPOM), Tree Borne Oilseeds Scheme and Oil Palm Area Expansion (OPAE) programme during the 11th Plan period.

 Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare is the nodal ministry for this scheme.
The strategy to implement the proposed Mission includes:

1. Increasing Seed Replacement Ratio (SRR) with focus on Varietal Replacement;

2. Increasing irrigation coverage under oilseeds from 26% to 36%;

3. Diversification of area from low yielding cereals crops to oilseeds crops; inter-cropping of oilseeds with cereals/ pulses/ sugarcane;

4. Use of fallow land after paddy /potato cultivation;

5. Expansion of cultivation of Oil Palm and tree borne oilseeds in watersheds and wastelands;

6. Increasing availability of quality planting material enhancing procurement of oilseeds and collection; and

7. Processing of tree borne oilseeds.

Three mini-missions are running under this scheme.

1. Mini Mission I, on oilseeds, aims at increasing production from 28.93 million tonnes during 11th Plan to 35.51 million tonnes in 12th Plan. The productivity will rise from 1081 kg/ha during the 11th Plan period to 1328 kg/ha of oilseeds during 12th Plan period.

2. Mini Mission II, on oil palm, aims at bringing additional 1.25 lakh hectare area under oil palm cultivation through area expansion. Wastelands will also be utilised for this purpose. The mini-mission seeks to increase productivity of fresh fruit bunches from 4927 kg per ha to 15000 kg per ha.

3. Mini Mission III, on tree-borne oilseeds (TBOs), aims at enhancing seed collection of TBOs from 9 lakh tonnes to 14 lakh tonnes.

 Rs. 3507 crore have been sanctioned for NMOOP in the 12th Plan.

 The scheme aims at enhancing production of traditional oilseed and tree-borne oilseed.

 In addition, significant area is sought to be brought under oil palm.

 At present, the programme is being implemented in 133 districts of 12 States, namely, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu. Mizoram, Odisha, Kerala, Telangana. Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland & Assam.

 The mission is implemented with funds in 75:25 Centre-state ratios.

 In Union Budget 2017-18, Rs.403 crore have been allocated for this scheme.

In April, 2017, Cabinet approved relaxation in restrictions for providing assistance to more than 25 hectare area also under NMOOP to attract corporate bodies towards oil palm and derive maximum benefit of 100% FDI.

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