New varieties, New hopes

New varieties

New varieties, New hopes

• Studies indicated that by using high-yielding varieties, the yield increase in the range of 15-20% depending upon crop. It can be further be raised up to 45 per cent with efficient management of other inputs.
• ICAR developed and released a total of 795 new crop varieties during last four years and 136 varieties of horticultural crops

Wheat variety HD CSW-18

  • It will reduce water requirement and will help in residue management.
    Similarly, to boost up production of pulses, an extra-early (52-55 days) high-protein variety of ungbean, called Virat, was released along with short duration (100 days) and iron rich variety of Lentil (PusaAgetiMasoor).
  • 8GM Bt cotton varieties were developed for the first time in India for commercial cultivation.
  • Waging a war against malnutrition through agricultural research, an array of biofortified
    varieties of field crops and horticultural crops have been developed.
  • For example, rice variety CR Dhan 310 is protein rich, wheatHPBW01 high iron and zinc
  • pomegranate ‘SolapurLal’ has iron, zinc and vitamin C, Medika grape is full of antioxidants
    that help fight cancer. B. Improved Livestock for Livelihood security
  • Four backyard poultry varieties were developed and released having more than double
    the egg production as compared to native/local breeds.
  • ‘Jharsim’ for Jharkhanand Bihar, ‘Narmada Nidhi’ for Madhya Pradesh, ‘Kamrupa’ for Assam and ‘Himsamridhi’ for Himachal Pradesh are few example in this regard.
  • A new advanced breed for sheep ‘Abhishan’ has been developed for dry areas of the country which has shown the promise of raising the income of sheep farmers.
  • To improve livestock health, an ambitions research program to develop indigenous vaccines and diagnostic kits was launched in ICAR institutes.
  • In fisheries sector, the technology of marine cage culture of high –value Cobia and Silver

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