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Vegetable Science (Olericulture)

● ‘Olericulture’—is a ‘Latin’ word.

● ‘SUN-GROW-496’ is a hybrid of tomato.

● ‘PBOG-1’ A long fruit bottlegourd (Lauki) hybrid, developed from Pantnagar.

● Radish, Tomato and Chilli contain Vit. ‘C’ in enough quantity.

● Cauliflower (a Latin word) means—Caulis = Cabbage + Floris = flower; the cauliflower is a Cole crop. The cole crop comprising to cauliflower, cabbage and Knol-Khol. (Olericulture One Liner)

● In cauliflower, buttoning is due to the deficiency of nitrogen.

● The pungency in Chilli is due the presence of active constituent ‘Capsaicin’ alkaloid (C18H2O3N with 64·5-65°F).

● The red colour in tomato is due to ‘Lycopin’ pigment, formed at 20-25°C temperature.

● Sweet-potato is a short day plant.

● Male sterility is found in Onion, Carrot and Tomato. (Olericulture One Liner)

● Onion, Garlic, Arvi (Colocasia) and Yam are monocolyledon Vegetables.

● For breaking dormancy of Potato tubers, thiorea is used.

● Tristeza Virus is spread due to aphids.

● ‘Pusa Jwala’ Chilli is a cross of NP-46-A × Pusa Red.

● For commercial crop production of tomato, the growth regulators viz. NAA (30 ppm) and GA(20 ppm) are used as spray, resulting there by higher crop yield. (Olericulture One Liner)

● ‘Ricyness’ in cauliflower develops due to application of excess nitrogen and higher relative humidity.

● The yellow colour in onion is developed through CCrr genotype.

● ‘Cardamom’ is said to be the ‘Queen of Spices’.

● Pumpkin Day celebrated on—29 Sept. in Germany, 320 kg weight of a pumpkin/Kaddu was recorded highest in world and in England ‘Kheera’ say—Cucumber length was 43 inches largest in world.

● ‘Hydroponics’ is a ‘Greek’ word and related to without land cultivation i.e. crop cultivation in water e.g. waternut (Singhada). (Olericulture One Liner)

● The seeds of synthetic varieties are changed after every 5-6 years.

● The seeds of hybrids (varieties) of crops are purchased by the farmers every year.

● The crop of tomato has the quality of both thermo and photo-sensitive.

● The dehydration ratio in potato is 7 : 1.

● The dry ratio in Okra (Lady finger) is 12 : 1. (Olericulture One Liner)

● Sugarbeet is hexaploid.

● ‘Whip-tail’ disease in cauliflower is caused due to the deficiency of molybdenum (Mo).

● ‘Browning’ disease in cauliflower is caused due to the deficiency of boron (Bo).

● Pungency in onion is due to the presence of Allyle Propyl di-sulphide.

● ‘Mosaic’ in potato is caused due to virus. (Olericulture One Liner)

● Seed treatment through ‘Bavistin’ controls effectively the seed borne diseases in crops.

● The word ‘curd’ is related to cauliflower, wherein the colour of head becomes curdy white.

● ‘Azad Nutan’ is a variety of Bottle-gourd.

● 100 g fresh carrot contains approx 3150 (IU) Vit ‘A’.

● Vit. ‘A’ is abundently found in green leafy vegetables. (Olericulture One Liner)

● All vegetables have generally more or less all vitamins.

● Night-blindness in human is caused due to deficiency of Vit. ‘A’.

● Onion (green/bulbs) is the best source of Vit. ‘B’.

● The best sources of ‘Fe’ (iron) are—carrot, bittergourd, onion and tomato.

● Nearly 285 g vegetables per day per capita in human diet for body is recommended. (Olericulture One Liner)

● Cauliflower is sensitive for excess of acidity of soil.

● Cauliflower requires more boron (Bo) and molybdenum (Mo).

● Cabbage requires more plant nutrients (i.e. heavy feeder) particularly the N and K nutrients in excess amount.

● The seed rate of Knolknol (Ganthgobhi) in nursery is maintained about 1250 g for one hectare transplanting.

● Ripened tomato contains about 94% water, which is more suitable for good source of Vit. ‘C’; Vit ‘A’ and Vit. ‘B’.

● Cucumber is the oldest cultivated vegetable crop; which is possibly originated from India.

● The weevil (Cylas formicarius) is most serious insect of Sweet potato(Olericulture One Liner)

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