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Onion Contain Which Chemical Compound?

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  1. I think it’s sulphur

  2. May be Amino acid

  3. disulphide

  4. Tejaswini Jibhakate

    Onions contain catechol and procatecheuic acid

  5. salphuric acid H2SO4

  6. Anthocynin

  7. sulfenic acid

  8. Sufenicacid

  9. Salphar

  10. S

  11. quecertin-for yellow colour
    catechol – anti fungal
    allyl propyl disulphide- pungency

  12. Sulphur compound

  13. sulfenic acid

  14. allyly propyl. allicin

  15. Good

  16. amino acids

  17. amino acids (protein)

  18. allenin

  19. Allyl propyl disulfide(sulphur compound)

  20. sulphur

  21. Sulphur alyl compound

  22. sulphide

  23. allyl propyl disulphide


  25. Alicin

  26. sulphur

  27. allicin

  28. sulfenic acid

  29. amino acids

  30. alayal propayal dimethyl

  31. allyl propyl disulphide

  32. according to Horticulture the chemical which is responsible for punjency in onion is – Allyl Propyl Disulphide
    and according to plant pathology-the chemical compound in Red onions responsible for Resistance to smudge disease is a phenolic Compound- Protocatechuic acid, Catechol

  33. Syn-propanethial-S-oxide 

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