Soil Salinity and Soil Alkalinity

Soil salinity and soil alkalinity: Soil salinity and soil alkalinity are the results of over irrigation in canal irrigated areas. In canal irrigated areas plenty of the water is available and the farmers indulge in over irrigation of their fields. Under such conditions, the ground water level rises and saline …

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RICE (Oryza sativa) FAMILY:  Poaceae ORIGIN:  Indo-Barma region INTRODUCTION Rice is the staple food of people from Southern and eastern parts of India. It is hence widely cultivated in India and other parts of Asia such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, etc. Globally, China is the leading producer of …

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Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that affects all landforms. In agriculture, soil erosion refers to the wearing away of a field’s topsoil by the natural physical forces of water and wind or through forces associated with farming activities such as tillage. Erosion, whether it is by water, wind …

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