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All About Inland fisheries

Inland fisheries

Inland fisheries During the period 1987-1997, there was a steady increase in inland fisheries production, registering 45.4% during the ten-year period. Inland production, including farming, is now catching up with production from the marine sector and is likely to overtake marine capture fisheries in the next millennium. Inland production includes …

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All About Marine fisheries

Marine fisheries

Marine fisheries India’s estimated marine resources potential is 3.9 million tonne. During 1998, the marine fish catch was 2.95 million tonne, with over 70% coming from the west coast. There were 220 903 traditional craft, 39444 traditional motorized craft and 51 744 mechanized boats operating in Indian waters. There are …

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World Scenario Of Fishery


World Scenario Of Fishery Total world fish production in 2000 was estimated at a record 129.42 million times (as compared to 124.4 m tonne in 1999). The decline in 1998 was due to the “El Nino” phenomenon which affected catches of small pelages fishes in South America (Peru & adjoining …

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